Sunday, November 27, 2011

Another 3 months goes by...

At the end of September, we visited MV Logos Hope which is a vessel operated for charity and is known as the biggest floating book fair. It bring back memories visiting the vessel again with Angel and my parents because I visited the same vessel when they embark some 20+years ago.

October is a busy month because yours truly as the company sports club' vice president, need to arrange for the company's family day. In addition, Angel is performing in her very first school concert while hubby fly-off to Vietnam :(

But hubby came back with this from Hanoi :)

 The stage where Angel performed her dance.

In November, we started our major project of the year, decorating Angel's room and getting her to sleep in it!

Here Angel is decorating her room's wall with Pororo and Toy Story stickers that she personally chosen.

In order to get her comfortable with her room, we invited her cousin to stay overnight with her. Well, it didn't work quite well.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Just want to share some of hubby's collections.
Figurine purchased online and shipped from Japan.

Still in its original packaging...

out of packaging...

it even have got keys hanging and its detachable!
real meticulous in its design.


another backview...
Some may find it a bit too sexy but to us its beauty ;)

If you like figure like this then stay tune as there are more to come.

National Day 2011

The nation celebrated the national independence day on every 31 August while we celebrate hubby's birthday. Yes, my dearest is born on the national day 35 years ago. This year we celebrated hubby birthday with a trip to A'Famosa Safari Park.

Breakfast at home for the birthday boy prepared by myself.

The 3 of us ;)

Dinner for the 3 of us.
We actually finish everything!!!

And, lastly a self-bake cake for my dearest.
I actually forget to get the cake earlier and since its National Day cum Hari Raya 2nd day.. most shops are closed. Luckily, I have all the ingredients and enough time to bake hubby a last-minute birthday cake.

Happy Birthday dear.

Mid Autumn 2011

Angel 1st handmade lantern.

My mom is the one playing with candles while Angel look-on patiently.. waiting for her turn!

Some lanterns in front of mom house... by yours truly ;)

Happy (Belated) Mid-Autumn to everyone ;)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Going to school - Open Day

Does kid act differently when they are with and without the parents?

It was Angel's school open day on Saturday. She was very excited about it and have been telling everyone in the house about "Saturday is open day". So I told hubby that there is no way we don't attend (not that we plan not to show up). Angel was telling us that she will show us this and show us that at school.

On Saturday morning, Angel is all ready and excited on our way to the kindy. She starting pointing at the tent in the playground and told us there is something she want to show us. So we happily walk towards the school, teachers greeted us and Angel. I registered ourselves and then .......

Angel refuse to move a step from the door. She just kept very still and quiet. Teacher asked her to go in and play games but she just stand on the same spot without moving. The impatient daddy started to boil up and scolded Angel. 

We somehow manage to get her into the kindy, went to her classroom. Her teacher came and discussed Angel's progress. All the time Angel just kept very quiet and did not look at her teacher. I started talking to Angel and show her the work she done at school. I tried to get her to talk by asking her to show me her school. She refused :( Hubby got very angry at Angel's behaviour and leave the kindy after less than 30 minutes there.

On our way out, some teachers notice Angel's behaviour and commented that Angel never behave like that at school. Angel is the apple of all the teachers. She is very obedient and happy girl.

So, why is my cutie pie acting so differently? Yesterday night while we were chatting, she did mention that she is a bit shy at school that day. But then she just didn't want to continue the conversation. Kids also know how to find excuses :) Now I'm wondering how is she going to act on the school's concert day.

Something on the Open day. The theme of this year's open day is "Children of the World" and below are some craft Angel did for the open day. No wonder she insist on wearing jeans ;)

Now she keep asking me to bring her to Australia ;P

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The i-gadget

i never understand why everyone is so obsessed with the i-gadgets until i own one myself ;) Have heard so much of good thing about this phone and all its other relatives (MAc book, ipod, ipad etc).

Once i got hold of it, i can't leave it! I'm now so addicted to the phone, even my little girl will ask for the phone when I'm at home.

Hhmmm.. should i get an ipad2?

Thursday, June 9, 2011


I have been using this lovely car i called my SLK (Si Little Kancil) for over 10 years.

It had never really failed in his service all these years except for once. That one time SLK broke down in the middle of the road during the morning rush hour and he is adding to the jam :p. Besides that one time, I'm very happy and satisfy with his performance.

Sadly, as SLK aged more and more minor problems occured. Yours truly started to comment on his performance and bugged Hubby about those tiny winy sound that SLK made. Hubby, who is responsible in making sure my SLK is at its tip top condition, make up his mind to retire my SLK. And, I got to thank my lovely husband for keeping my SLK at its top condition for so long. Hubby never failed to remind me to service SLK. Hubby will also drive my SLK to the service centre and most of the time pay for the services ;) Honestly, I have never really stepped into a workshop all this while. Thanks, Honey.

So, goodbye SLK. Thanks for transporting me to places that I intend to all this 10+ years.
I hope the next owner will appreciate you and keep you in good condition as Hubby did.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I'm blogging from my iPhone.

Updates: it works and easy. Why do some blogger find it difficult. Hhmm, I wonder.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hei, I'm back and wish I'm not :p

Disneyland is wonderful and everyone is a kid again once we step into the park, or at least I am. I think I am more excited than my girl ;) I wish I could spend more time exploring every single ride and take photos with Disney every character. Unfortunately, we are on a tight schedule and only manage to spend half a day in the park.

Since we stayed at Disneyland Hotel, we got the chance to go back and freshen up before we catch the fireworks and have dinner. Transportation around the resort (Disneyland Park, Disneyland Hotel and Disney Hollywood Hotel) is very convenient. It takes not more than 10 minutes wait for a bus to arrive at the hotel and take you to the park. From the park, buses will wait and leave every 10-15 minutes depending on the crowd.

Below some photos taken during our visit to the park....

oohh.. Mickey and Minnie greeted us at the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel.

And, the arch that greet you once the shuttle bus from the hotel reach the park.
From here its about 5 minutes walk to the entrance of the park.

Before you reach the entrance, you will be greeted by Mickey on the whale.

Angel running about.. happy girl!

The entrance to the magical world of Disney!

Flying Dumbo

Non-flying Dumbo ;)

Alice's spinning cups.
Angel spin the cup so fast that I have to slow it down (secretly.. hehehe)

Waiting for the parade to start.

Its HK Disneyland 5th Anniversary and the theme of the parade is "Flight of Fantasy".

Another ride after the parade, at Tomorrowland.

The night view just before Tinkerbell light-up Sleeping Beauty's castle.
The light-up and fireworks are fantastic. You got to see it yourself. Photos do not do justice to the view. And that end our day at the park.
We did not cover all 3 themes of the park or all the rides in the park. Some rides may not be suitable for my little girl of 4 years old. Nevertheless, Angel have a great time in the park. Hope to bring her back for the other rides some other time ;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too Busy or too lazy?

Have been abandoning this site for awhile - 3 months!

CNY came and gone :(

In February, celebrated Angel's birthday at her school with her friends. But her best friend was not around and the teacher said she look a little unhappy without him. Yes, its a boy. Will post photos later.

And now, its almost the end of March and the long awaited holidays is just around the corner, yippie.

Actually, not so happy because hubby and I were supposed to travel to Tokyo, Japan. But with the earth quake, tsunami and nuclear situation, we have to cancelled our trip :( In addition, we would not be able to visit Japan for maybe the next 5 - 10years? I pray for the people in Japan, to keep them safe from the nuclear radiation.

We got our refund from AA and Hubby suggested a visit to HK/Macau. Of course I say "YES"! We are going to pay HK Disneyland a visit. Will update the post after the trip and hopefully not 3 months after ;P