Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Missing In Action

I have been missing from my blog because no more free time during office hour and no internet connection at home for the past one month. Due to desperation, we have sign-up with Maxis broadband. But I still have not updated this blog as much as I like to.

Have been very busy at work since my new boss join us. The task/project just keep coming our way. At one time, I could be asked to take-up a few projects with a very short timeline. This is so much difference with the past year when I (and my colleagues) are left with not much work except for those periodic reporting. I start to get used to this workload now, thanks to my boss who also start to feel our stress and help very much in off-loading our stress.

At home (in our new house), am keeping up with all the housework.. For the past 5 years of my married life, I do not need to worry about housework cause my MIL will usually manage it with the part-time maid. Now that we are on our on, I am very much responsible for all the work - washing, vacuuming, sweeping, cleaning, cooking etc.... the list does not end here. 

After work, reach home, take bath, go to mom house, have dinner, bring baby home, ta da ta da and sleep. The routine continues everyday during the working days. Once awhile we get to relax if we don't bring Angel back from mom's house. During those time, I feel lazy to do anything and just want to do nothing!

So, do I regret moving out? No. Because I have the house to myself and I can do whatever I like at home. I mean I can arrange and decorate the house as I like, provided Hubby is agreeable la. And also we have been entertaining our friends at our house and enjoying ourselves.

No pain, no gain. I know I only need more time to get used to this routine and workload. I know I will be able to coop and manage my work and family. Or rather I hope I can and it will be my resolution for the year.