Thursday, October 29, 2009

The sky is divided. Sun and gloomy cloud.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Seminar @ Shangri-La Kuala Lumpur

I attended a seminar on Wed at Shangri-La Hotel Kuala Lumpur. I have been to this hotel but never thought that it have got so many function rooms. There about 10 other functions at Shangri-la that day.

My seminar is at Sabah Room and here is glimpse of the venue.

Another re-usable bag

The essentials provided


We are well feed that day with breakfast, tea-time and lunch. I dare not take pictures of the breakfast and tea-time as it is serve in the foyer and so many people looking. But I did manage to take some photos of my lunch served behind the seminar hall ie within the room itself.
Our dining table

 Soup of the day - broccoli


My lunch platter - some vege, mutton masala and sweet and sour fish.
On diet mah, so did not get any of the rice and lamb.


 Varieties of cake


My desserts platter and ice-cream.... yum yum

A nice relaxing seminar with information on available software to assist in our operation. The organiser is so cunning that they keep the doorgift which is an umbrella until a participant submit their feedback form. In order to make it more interesting, lucky draw session is held before and after lunch.

I'm so lucky that I won the grand prize of the day.............




A HP Mini!!!
sorry no picture ye, will blog about it later

Friday, October 23, 2009

Angel have been sick

Friends who are connected to me via FB will know that I have been busy worrying about my girl for the pass week. She have been vomiting at night after her milk for almost the whole week. Have been monitoring her food intake during the night as suggested by the paed and also controlling her fluid intake 2 hours prior to her bedtime.

So far, so good. She stop vomiting since the monitoring of her food and fluid intake. But these two days, she started coughing which get worst yesterday night. Cause she sipped on my Milo Dinosaur while we were having supper with K & W.

I noticed that Angel got her cough easily whenever she have cold drinks even the Yakult or the drinkable calcium. Mom says its because her lungs are cold after a few session of playing in the water ie swimming pool! That's her experience with my baby brother. Hence, mom is always against my idea of bringing Angel for swimming session unless its on a hot sunny day.

Lately with Angel quite frequently cough at night, I starts to believe in mom. I'm trying chinese remedy such as chinese herb as I alsways feel that herbs are better than those medicine/vitamin produced using chemical. I'm still very much a China-mom :P

So, any advice on other remedy that I could try?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Face of Angel

Having supper with mommy, daddy and Uncle K and Auntie W

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Angel and Daddy on Kiddy Ride

We were at Alamnda on Sunday for dinner. As usual when Angel saw those kiddy ride along the corridor, she will insist that we let her ride. She is so cunning. While we were having our dinner...

Angel: Daddy, I wanna poo poo
Daddy: Sure?
Angel: Yessss

Daddy carry her and on the way...
Daddy: You sure you wanna go toilet?
Angel: Yes, I wanna go toilet (and after a pause) with the kiddy ride (smile)

Daddy stop, look at her...
Daddy: Ok, you poo poo first and then we ride
Angel: No, I wanna ride first

At that, hubby carry Angel back to our dinning table and tell us the story. Hahahahaha.. my Angel is getting very cunning :)

But at last she did get to ride on a few kiddy ride...

She insist Daddy to ride with her.
At first Hubby just get half of himself into the ride.
And, then....

Angel insist that Daddy sit beside her.
Hence, this is what it look like.

I still can't stop laughing by looking at the picture.
Hubby can be very accomodating to his princess's demand.

Faces of Angel

During our Sunday brunch, after another inspection of our new house.......

After Angel saw the above picture of herself, she asked "Where is Angel's eyes?"
Muahahahahaha.... hers are really sepet!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Deepavali Gift from Employer

As mentioned in my earlier post, staffs were presented with the Deepavali gift during our Raya celebration. The gift is a box of 12 mini cheese cake from the famous the Loaf.

All the boxes of cakes lined up to be given away.

The look :)

And, all the 12 cheese cake lined-up in the box.

I served the cheese cake as breakfast for Angel.
One look and she reach for the one with chocolate topping.
Guess she really like chocolate very much.

Angel trying to poke through the chocolate topping.
Mommy, I can do it! No, I don't need your help. Angel, can do it!

After her first taste of the cheese cake, Angel give me this look.
Its her latest look with a peace sign ;)

After 2 bites of the cake, she left the cake with me. As always, mommy have to finish the left-over for her. How can I keep to my diet plan :(

Raya Celebration @ Office

As usual we have our festive celebration in the office. Cater for food to be serve in our break-out area.

So many food and a good variety of them. Nasi briyiani, lamb, tandoori chicken with naan, lemang with mutton curry, satay with peanut sauce, pasta in cream sauce, spaghetti in chicken tomato sauce, mushroom soup with dinner rolls plus pengat pisang, fruit punch and fruits for desserts.

As Deepavali is just around the corner, the Deepavali gift was also given away on the same day.
The gift is a box of 12 mini cheese cake from the Loaf.
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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vietnamese Food @ The Mines

Last Sunday, hubby and I left Angel with mom so that we can inspect our new house. After the inspection, we went back to take our bath and decided to head to the Mines Shopping Centre for dinner.

Hubby suggested something which we won't have with Angel around such as spicy food. Hubby wanted Thai but the Thai restaurant that we used to go is no longer operating. Went through the list of eateries on the information board and decided to give Vietnamese a try. We fell in love with Vietnamese food after we traveled to Hanoi 2 years ago.

So sorry cause i forget the name of the restaurant but its opposite the Sushi King at level LG.

What I had? Hot and sour seafood noodle - a substitute of our tom yam.

Hubby had rice with BBQ chicken, Vietnamese style.

The service is good probably because not many customers. Food is not too bad, we still prefer those we had in Hanoi. Through out our dinner, hubby is listing and describing the food we had in Hanoi. It really make me feel like flying off to Hanoi.

Honey, when???

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival

Its the 8th lunar month and I'm anxiously awaiting for the mid-autumn festival celebration with family. Have been making mooncake since almost a month ago so that I'm prepared to make more for the festival.
But on this lovely full-moon day, we have to attend a cousin's wedding. There goes my plan of showing off my mooncake :(

Attended the wedding at Noble House, Kuala Lumpur with my hubby's family. The dinner was held on the 1st floor of the house and the place is quite cramp for 30 tables. No time to snap any food pictures, just some pictures of my Angel.

My Angel in a lovely dress courtesy of Jiu Jiu from HK.
This dress is one year old and never worn before until now.
She is just too small then.

My cheeky Angel with her peace sign!

Father and daughter - stretching legs while waiting for the dinner to start.
It only start at 8:30pm! Eventhough it is stated as 7pm on the invitation card.
What to complain? We are staying in Malaysia after all.

Angel with pork knuckles, yum yum!

Hubby in his playful mode!
Trying to get a piece of the cake!

The service is very slow while the food is SO SO. Nothing to shout about.
The next day SIL was down with diarrhea while the rest of us are ok

Steamboat again!

This is our second time here for a celebration. The food is good and price very affordable.

Tom yam and 'zhi choi' soup

Our additional dishes - Taiwan sausage, mushroom, quail eggs and meatballs

The basic ingredients provided per pax.

Our desserts


Total costs (excluding the cake of course) is RM126.50 for 8 persons.

Restoran Choong Huat
No 22-23, Block P/E,
Taman Cheras,
56100 KL
Tel No:03-9131 1975