Monday, August 31, 2009

My Little Helper

I baked some muffin two weekends ago - this time I tried some apple muffin. Angel was around and wanted to help, more play than help actually. I took out the paper cups and asked Angel to arrange it on the baking tray while I measured and mix the ingredients.

To my surprise she did a good job, although some have got 2 cups sticked together.

My Angel working on the paper cups

When she completed the task, she shouted "Mommy, I'm done. Angel know how to!"

The muffin on the way in to the oven.

The apple cinnamon muffin

On my work table as my breakfast on Monday morning.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Reunited with my Angel!

After a long 3 days, I'm finally reunited with my Angel. She is as excited as I am when I went to pick her up at my mom's place. Shouting away when mom announced that I have arrived.

Only 3 days apart from her and somehow she look different. Taller, chubbier and more talkative. She is now talking in a sentence of more than 5 words. We speaks to her in mostly Mandarin and sometimes English. She will usually speaks in Mandarin even if we ask her question in English.

When Hubby saw her at home, he also commented that Angel look different. On Saturday morning, he said Angel is very zhi zha - very talkative or noisy :).

I was busy baking some muffin on Sunday while Angel is busy talking to me (Daddy is not at home at that time). Up to a point I didn't asnwer her, to my surprise she walk up to me, hug my leg (that 's where she can reach now) and say "wo de bao bei" (my precious!). How sweet of my girl!

My little Angel is growing up fast. She is full of surprises nowadays.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

H1N1, Please Leave Us Alone!!

We received message early yesterday morning that one of our colleagues is suspected of the Influenza AH1N1! Everyone is asked to wear a masked, her office is being sanitized and so is area around her staffs.

Because of that I have let Angel stay at my mom house and have not seen her since yesterday morning. :(

This morning we received another message to say one of our colleague's son is confirmed a H1N1 patient and they are currently being quarantined in a hospital. Shortly after lunch another staff who is in her 1st tri-mester is asked by her doctor to stay at home due to her flu!

Oh my god... I called mom and told her Angel will have to stay with her for the next few days. My Angel was shouting behind asking "Mommy come, mommy come".

Ohhhh, I wish I could my baby. Mommy just want to make sure that mommy was not infected before mommy can assure myself that Angel will be safe from the virus. Mommy know you miss mommy, mommy miss you too. Love you.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Black Sesame Snow Skin Mooncake

The Lantern Festival is about one and a half month away but supermarkets start selling the mooncake. I have even bought some and made some ;)

Got this simple recipe and try making this snow skin mooncake. The snow skin does not look like snow cause its black in colour. The black colour is due to the ground black sesame. It is delicious, hihihi at least my Angel love them too.

I didn't get a proper mooncake mould so used the angku kuih wooden mould. I used a small mould so the mooncake can be pop into one's mouth :)

Below a mooncake made from a jelly-mooncake mould, not very pretty :(

These are my cute little black sesame mooncake with lotus paste filling. its actually about the size of a 50cents coin. It does not look pretty but its taste is good and also very healthy. Black sesame its good for your health and especially if you want shiny black hair!
Will try other mooncake recipe before the Lantern Festival. If its nice can give-away as festive gifts too. Not a bad idea huh ;)

Stuffed Crab @ Chukai, Terengganu

During our weekend at East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia, we took a detour to Chukai to have the famous stuffed crab. The place is very packed and we have to move table twice from a table for 10 to a table for 3. The taukeh really know how to maximize her space.

My verdict - the filling of the stuffed crab (which is mostly crab meat) is very sweet on my first 2 bites. But it is actually very oily cause they fried the stuffed crab and loads of oil is soaked in the filling. Overall, all the dishes are good.

Here are some pictures taken during our detour lunch :)

Steam fish - good

Fried rice - i like it. Saw a few tables ordered this and insist that hubby order too ;)

Stir fried kangkung

And the stuffed crab.

The restaurant is next to the RHB bank in Chukai and its opposite the river.
Below a picture of the river taken from the car park just opposite the restaurant.

The address is Restoran Tong Juan is located at K117, Jalan Sulaimani, Chukai/Kemaman.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Treasure Hunt; fr KL to Kuantan

Was away during the weekend for a treasure hunt organized by my company in conjunction with its annual family day outing. Our mission is hunt the treasure to Kuantan. This is my 3rd treasure hunt and hubby's first (& Angel's too). I was a bit worry that it will be difficult to hunt with Angel around and only the two of us as hunters. But we manage and we won 2nd place, hooray!!!

Below some pictures of the event, not much pictures cause were busy hunting and during the night Angel was feverish. So, worry that its the H1N1. Luckily she recovered the next day after forcing a few bottles of water + 100plus on her.

At the flag-off point

Honey, concentrating on the question while waiting for our turn at Karak toll.

Angel being naughty in the car - playing with my sunglasses.

Our room at Hyatt Kuantan. Its facing the tennis court instead of the beach :(

Angel 'checking out' our room!

Angel: "I'm ready for the beach!"

The beach. The sand is white but not very soft. Its a bit hazy so the picture is not clear.

My Angel.

This is suppose to be a picture of the swimming pool next to the beach. Its a very pretty sight. Unfortunately my camera does not do a good job :(

Angel have been very cranky that night, down with mild fever. Clinging to daddy the whole night! Poor daddy.

Hahahahaha... Honey is so excited about winning his 1st hunt and insist we take a picture right when we are in our room!

Angel getting ready to doozed off... She sleep like a baby that night.

My Angel back again!!! The sun is beaming hot but she is just happy running around the playground - don't have the heart to stop her.
See poor daddy calling for help - so hot!!!

Just before we left, let Angel take her LONGGGGG bath in the bathtub.

A hot and dry but fruitful weekend!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Prawn Feast @ Tualang

Almost forget about this feast we had on our way back from Pangkor. We stop at this small town called Tualang which is famous for its prawn. The 4 of us have 2kg of prawn in 2 type of style - one steam and the other fried with spices.

Some pictures to show the yummilicious prawn we had. Enjoy ;)

The steam prawn and prawn paste fried pork

A closer look at the steam prawn. It look yummilicious or not?? :0

A whole plate of prawn shell!!

The end of the meal... yum yum!

The costs........ RM143.50 for 2kg of prawn + 3 dishes + rice for 4 adult + 1 kid

Ooooppsss... no picture of the other type of prawn we had... because we are all busy tasting the steam prawn that came first... hehehehe..

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


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