Monday, August 8, 2011

Going to school - Open Day

Does kid act differently when they are with and without the parents?

It was Angel's school open day on Saturday. She was very excited about it and have been telling everyone in the house about "Saturday is open day". So I told hubby that there is no way we don't attend (not that we plan not to show up). Angel was telling us that she will show us this and show us that at school.

On Saturday morning, Angel is all ready and excited on our way to the kindy. She starting pointing at the tent in the playground and told us there is something she want to show us. So we happily walk towards the school, teachers greeted us and Angel. I registered ourselves and then .......

Angel refuse to move a step from the door. She just kept very still and quiet. Teacher asked her to go in and play games but she just stand on the same spot without moving. The impatient daddy started to boil up and scolded Angel. 

We somehow manage to get her into the kindy, went to her classroom. Her teacher came and discussed Angel's progress. All the time Angel just kept very quiet and did not look at her teacher. I started talking to Angel and show her the work she done at school. I tried to get her to talk by asking her to show me her school. She refused :( Hubby got very angry at Angel's behaviour and leave the kindy after less than 30 minutes there.

On our way out, some teachers notice Angel's behaviour and commented that Angel never behave like that at school. Angel is the apple of all the teachers. She is very obedient and happy girl.

So, why is my cutie pie acting so differently? Yesterday night while we were chatting, she did mention that she is a bit shy at school that day. But then she just didn't want to continue the conversation. Kids also know how to find excuses :) Now I'm wondering how is she going to act on the school's concert day.

Something on the Open day. The theme of this year's open day is "Children of the World" and below are some craft Angel did for the open day. No wonder she insist on wearing jeans ;)

Now she keep asking me to bring her to Australia ;P