Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

Tomorrow, 31st August, is Malaysia's independence day. It is also my hubby's big day. Yup, my dear husband is a merdeka baby and he always brag that the whole nation is celebrating his birthday! Very perasan.

Hubby don't like party and usually will be very happy to just spend his birthday with a few of his best pals. Today we will be having dinner together again with his pals.

to my dear husband
This picture was taken last year on our way to celebrate hubby's birthday.
Time really flies.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taipei 2010

My annual trip with my friends. This year we went to Taipei in May 2010. Yes, I know its been so long ago. I went through the pictures and miss the trip. We did not manage to cover all the touristy place but we did have fun.

Here are some of the photos ....

First Day .... First Destination... Taipei 101

Day Two .... Hot Spring.. a almost one hour bus ride from Taipei
taken outside the hot spring

the weather here is quite cooling cause its at a hill and surrounded by forest
I don't dare to post pictures taken in the hot spring. we are all dressed in our two piece swim wear ;)

ordering some snacks at the famous Shihlin night market
this is actually more like those food court and not sidewalk stalls.
the place is so crowded, food wise - ok, nothing to shout for

we stop-by a Hello Kitty theme cafe...
their cakes are just soooo cute..

Day Three .... Shopping

Day Four ... more shopping...
even took a photo at one of the shop we bought shoes from
the salesgirl said we look like sisters

More shopping .... accessories
we spent close to 2 hours at this shop!

Somewhere near Taipei 101...

All the accessories that we bought!!
We have named this trip the blink blink trip cause of all the accessories we bought... kakaka

So anticipating our next trip, next year ;)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Going to school ...3

Some updates on Angel going to school.

Looks like Angel's sad mode is over. She is now excited to go to school :) Just today, mom told me that Angel changed and keep asking whether its time to go to school! Yes, she is that excited to go to school.

Hope this mood will continue :)