Thursday, March 26, 2009

Little Penang Kafe @ MidValley

Boss schedule a divisional lunch for us today at Little Penang Kafe, MidValley. At first, I have doubt about the food there but after today my colleague and I decided we will be there again!

I ordered the Penang Prawn Noodles, yum yum...

This is their version of Lum Mee.

Nasi Lemak Penang

Chicken Nasi Lemak

Cendol for our dessert

And in case you are interested, the phone number is as follows...

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Monster.

My princess, my monster. That's the nickname given by her daddy. He call her Monster in front of his friends and colleagues. But most of them don't agree because my princess is quiet and timid when she meets strangers. So, they have not seen her in her most naughty act!

Look at her in the burger king crown and tasting her french fries. She doesn't like to be fed and prefer to eat herself and mostly with her hands instead of fork and spoon.Jumping up and down from the chair in the restaurant before the food arrive.

Running to me and trying to show me something in her Elmo shirt. She still don't talk properly but understand fully when we talk to her.
Standing with hubby and 'Elmo'. Don't they look cute! Hubby purposely bought the t-shirt for her (at Chatuchak Weekend market), saying that the t-shirt remind him of his monster at home.
The two most precious persons in my life.

Kafe Wawasan, Bandar Mahkota Cheras

I have spend two dinners at this new place open by one of my hubby's buddy. Its near to where I stay and the food is good (my personal opinion). Have not got to take photos of the food but will try to update it here once we can resist from feeding ourselves right when the plate touch-down!

Maybe we are curious of the food hence in both dinners, we just eat up before I even have time to say "Stop, I wanna take a picture!".

FYI, this is a halal kafe. So, no pork in the menu.

This is the only picture i manage to snap yesterday night when we celebrated my MIL's birthday there. It's the Roti Hawaii.. a piece of special roti canai filled with bacon, mayo, cheese and meat (chicken or beef).

Their other specialty which we tasted include Nasi Lemak Wawasan, Spaghetti Seafood, Soft shell crab fried rice and two other type of spaghetti... hihi forget the name.

Will write about this when i got more pictures to show.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My New Office

Recently, the company I'm working with shifted to a new office. Our new address is Gardens North Tower, familiar? Yup, its near the Mid Valley Shopping Mall!!!

Here are some of the pictures taken during the preparation for our shift to the new office.

my colleagues and I tired packing

corridor of EMPTY boxes

corridor of FILLED boxes

our PC being packed by professional into boxes for the moving.
And, these are photos of the new office!

my department's workstation. more natural lights in the office as compare to the old office

our training room which open up to the breakout area

this is the breakout area with nice furniture and KL city view

the pantry counter next to the breakout area

and the grand entrance to our office...

i like the environment of the new office. Mostly because I feel the office is bright as compare to the greyish look of the old office. And of course it is near one of the famous shopping complexes in town. hihihi...:)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Bangkok, Thailand - Part 2

Won't write much in this post. Just like to share some of the photos taken, especially on the desserts made from glutinuous rice flour.

We bump into this nice market place accidentally on our last day while looking for breakfast. It is opposite the Chatuchak Park but sorry I dunno which side of the park. It is however just next to the MRT (note its MRT and not BTS) Kamphaeng Phet stop. This is a very nice and clean 'market' selling fruits, local delicacies and food stalls within a same building. This is a work of art!

Don't you just adore these!