What about ME?

About me? 
What about me?

I'm a bit sceptical to introduce myself in this world wide web.
But by sharing my life in this blog I guess I can't hide myself :)

I'm married.
I have a daughter.
I'm the eldest of 3 siblings and the only daughter to my parents.

I love my family
I'm trying to do my best with the responsibility entrusted to me,
as a full-time working mom and wife.

I love to travel
and you may see more travel experience than my family experience in this blog.

I love food
when I travel, I will and want to try the local food.

I love to cook, especially baking
I'm brushing up my skills in cooking and wish I could try-out more of the recipes I have compiled.

I'm starting to love blogging too
This would be my journal -
a place for me to share my life with people I know
a place to share my traveling experience.

Thanks for reading my journal
Sorry if I could have indirectly cause unhappiness or undesired feeling/circumstances to you.