Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hong Kong Disneyland

Hei, I'm back and wish I'm not :p

Disneyland is wonderful and everyone is a kid again once we step into the park, or at least I am. I think I am more excited than my girl ;) I wish I could spend more time exploring every single ride and take photos with Disney every character. Unfortunately, we are on a tight schedule and only manage to spend half a day in the park.

Since we stayed at Disneyland Hotel, we got the chance to go back and freshen up before we catch the fireworks and have dinner. Transportation around the resort (Disneyland Park, Disneyland Hotel and Disney Hollywood Hotel) is very convenient. It takes not more than 10 minutes wait for a bus to arrive at the hotel and take you to the park. From the park, buses will wait and leave every 10-15 minutes depending on the crowd.

Below some photos taken during our visit to the park....

oohh.. Mickey and Minnie greeted us at the lobby of the Disneyland Hotel.

And, the arch that greet you once the shuttle bus from the hotel reach the park.
From here its about 5 minutes walk to the entrance of the park.

Before you reach the entrance, you will be greeted by Mickey on the whale.

Angel running about.. happy girl!

The entrance to the magical world of Disney!

Flying Dumbo

Non-flying Dumbo ;)

Alice's spinning cups.
Angel spin the cup so fast that I have to slow it down (secretly.. hehehe)

Waiting for the parade to start.

Its HK Disneyland 5th Anniversary and the theme of the parade is "Flight of Fantasy".

Another ride after the parade, at Tomorrowland.

The night view just before Tinkerbell light-up Sleeping Beauty's castle.
The light-up and fireworks are fantastic. You got to see it yourself. Photos do not do justice to the view. And that end our day at the park.
We did not cover all 3 themes of the park or all the rides in the park. Some rides may not be suitable for my little girl of 4 years old. Nevertheless, Angel have a great time in the park. Hope to bring her back for the other rides some other time ;)