Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Year 2010 1st Trip - Penang

Our very first trip for the year 2010, is to Penang. Departed from my house at around 6am. Went looking for breakfast around Balakong and ended up with dim sum. Nothing fantastic and so no pictures ;) We left for Penang around 7am and was caught in the morning traffic (its a working day).

After the Sg Buloh toll and after Angel asked for her water, I realised that I left her bottle at the shop we had breakfast. How forgetful I am and I blame it on hubby hihihi... of course after he say I'm such a clumsy and forgetful mother. Hhmm..

Our first stop at Penang is an old Guan Yin temple, which the ever superstitious K said is very leng (Cantonese for accurate in predictions). Angel just woke up from her sleep and so look very unhappy in the photo below taken outside the temple.

The front view of the temple - it is a very old temple mainly because the surrounding area is not taken care of. There are beggars sitting at the sidewalks, all expecting you give them money. I saw an old lady giving out angpows to one of them and the others will come running asking for one too.

After some walking around, Angel is back to her ever-energetic-self. I bought some joss stick , lighted them and given to her. She will look at the adults and do what they did. She will say 'poh pi poh pi' (Hokkien for take care) which she learn from her grandmothers :)

Next, we head towards Kek Lok Si for the assam laksa and of course to visit the temple.

The uncles and aunties busying preparing the assam laksa for customers.....

After the assam laksa treat, we proceed to Kek Lok Si temple. Instead of walking up the stairs, the lazy me suggested that we drive to the temple. We over-shot and reach a hilltop near to the dam - the Air Itam Dam.

Our position is actually behind the Kek Lok Si temple, see the Guan Yin statue is on the right while the pagoda on the left and we have a view of Penang. An unexpected find.
Some pictures at the Kek Lok Si temple

After a hot afternoon at the temple, we proceed to the famous cendol stall at Lebuh Keng Kwee. The queue was long and since the weather is hot, we decided to find a place at the shop next to the stall. We ordered cendol which costs extra 50cents and also fried kway teow.

See how narrow the shop is, we have to squeeze ourselves in the seat.

and our cendol.. yum yum. We even came back the next day to have another bowl just before we leave Penang.

We then proceed to check-in to the Gurney Hotel and change to our swimsuit right away to deep ourselves in the spacious swimming pool. They have a very spacious children pool which Angel love very much. I even tried the slide with Angel ;) cause she is scared - at first.

Dinner was at the Gurney Drive.. didn't manage to indulge in more food cause it started to rain after our second round.

So sorry I don't have time for more pictures cause I'm updating this from office and I got to rush before my boss notices ;) Will try to post more but without internet at home, I can only do so whenever my boss is not looking in the office.