Monday, November 30, 2009

Concert: Jor Lun Yau Lei aka Alan Tam and Hacken Lee

Yes, I was at the concert on Saturday! With Hubby, K and W. So looking forward to this cause have not manage to catch any concert for some time. The last that I went, with hubby, was the Jacky Cheung concert about 2 years ago (?) We saw a long jam along the road towards TPM and decided to leave our car at the Tmn Sg Besi LRT station. Happily we bought our tickets and the train if packed with all concert goers!

The concert is suppose to start at 8:30pm but only started at 9pm - Malaysian time :(

Here are some of the photos taken, with my K800 hence quality is so so. I wish I have a DSLR as the stage is just incredible (or maybe I have not been to concert for long). The colour combination and the graphic display is fabulous.

We enjoy ourselves very much and sang our lungs out!!! I love their pick-your-song session, each of them will suggest 2 songs and will sing the song with the most clap/cheers. At certain combination, the crowds are equally divided and both singers generously sang both songs! The crowds sang with the stars until 12 midnight!

I enjoy the songs so much that at some point I really feel like stand-up and dance. But the crowd nearby are such an obedient lot. Most of them just sit there quietly watching the concert while the 4 of us and 3 other ladies on my right are singing/shouting loudly, waving our hands and participated in the show! You know what I mean?

Anyhow we left with a happy memories of the concert until we reach the LRT station. Why? Because the station is closed and we can get back to our car!!!!!!!! So much for supporting the public transport. Those who used the public transport that day were so disappointed that the LRT is close at 11:30pm. Mostly thought that the LRT will operate till later cause there are not 1 but 2 concerts on the same night. But how wrong all of us are!

Renovation: Week 3

Progress in week 3 is SLOWwwwwwww and the reason being the developer is taking his own sweet time to rectify the defects. After 2 weeks of waiting they fixed one of the major plumbing defects. We would not wait for the developer for the other defect, decided to asked the contractor to repair it.

Can you see the buble? 
The piping is stuck and the water from toilet sink overflow to this manhole!

The stairs used by the worker - we used it to reach the attic... hehehehe
 I was a bit scared when Hubby asked me to climb up even Angel is much more brave then I am.


Hubby can't stand straight on the attic while my head will touches the ceiling if I stand straight.
For Angel, no problem! She is enjoying herself cause she got to climb up the stairs.


See the re-position window? 
We got an extra 1.5 feet. We asked for a cement slab to be built and to be turn into a window-seat cum cabinet.
All 3 rooms will have it.


Ohh, and when we were at the attic, we found another problem.....

Picture below is just outside the attic window and its where the water tank sits. Can you see the reflection? There is water on the pavement! I was telling Hubby that if this water can't disperse fast enough and with the current raining season, we will have a very big aquarium on our roof!!!

Does any of you have such problem with your house? I wonder what was the engineer and architect thinking. This people just don't care about other thing else but their profit margin. Hubby have posted his comment on our neighbourhood forum. Hopefully we can figure something to solve the problem.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


On my way to the concert, yeah!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another wedding

I have lost count of how many wedding I have attended this year, will be attending another this Thursday. Last Saturday was my cousin sister's wedding held at Parkroyal Kuala Lumpur. My second time at Parkroyal Ballroom for wedding.

It was raining cats and dog on our way to the hotel but luckily the traffic is smooth or because we are early. Cocktail is served from 6:30pm, we reach the hotel slightly after 6pm and we are not the earliest. Aunt 6 and family were there way before us. Ohh.. in case you want to know my mom have got 10 siblings and 8 (including mom) are girls. So, I have 7 aunts from my mom side. This is wedding of eldest daughter of my 5th aunt. Will have many more weddings to attend as the youngest cousin is only 7 years old!

I don't have a camera with me and was using my phone so the quality of the pictures were blurrish.

Rose bouquet as centre piece on the cocktail table.

Tid bits served during the cocktails - pistachio, walnut and those fried-noodles-alike (sorry don't know call what)

Hubby and Angel
Angel was grumpy cause we woke her up from her hap on our way to the hotel

A more awake Angel running around
She is still not familiar with all my aunts and cousins, whenever they call out for her she will run towards me or hubby.
if she can't find us, she will start crying.

The slide on the stage - My cousin sister, Janelle and her husband, Steven

A more jovial Angel.

And, the three of us.
Angel with her peace sign.... my baby

Angel was very jovial to the end and taken some pictures with my cousins ie Angel's auntie and uncle. Will get those and update it here later.

Renovation: Week 2

Another 7 days gone and this is how my house look like.

Lots of hacking on the wall for installation of additional plug and switches

It look like rain of wires in my living room

Once I reach the first floor - instead of sunshine, I'm greeted by this....the ATTIC!
This is the base of the attic floor, when the plaster ceiling its done, it will look much nicer.


This is the opening to the attic - no staircase so I can take a picture of the attic.

Remember the windows being removed last week? 
Now the frame is being re-attached.

Hacking of walls for wiring and air-cond piping - look so ugly and dangerous.

As the renovation work progress, the contractor discover a few more defect in the building. Some of which may be due to poor workmanship and even poor design on the architect. Its so sad that we paid so much for the house and this is the kind of quality that we are getting. These defects are causing the renovation to be delayed.

And of course the weather doesn't help much. Hopefully the rain will stop soon and the sun will be out more.

Estimated completion date: end December 2009. cross my fingers 8.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Thank you

Hubby observing the contractor supervising his worker.

Hubby have been very busy checking on the progress of the renovation. He will be at the house after work - everyday without fail. He will 'report' to me on the progress and discuss any last minute changes like the beam near the toilet that we can't demolished, whether to replace or re-used some existing fittings etc.

Sometimes he will come back with a very serious looking expression and it make me worried. When I ask he will say he is thinking of how to solve problem encounter during the renovation. He refuse to tell me saying he don't want to make me worry or that I won't be able to solve the problem.....  hhmmm

Nevertheless, I am really grateful to hubby for all that he have done for me and Angel.

Thanks dear, muacks.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bowling again..

It has been almost a year and our Sport Club organised another bowling tournament as part of team building. This time it is held on a weekday, yesterday after our office hour. Almost half of the company went including our CEO and his family.

Me and another colleague in my department joined 2 others to form our team - Funky Bowlers! The Funky Bowlers did not win but we have a great time and were the most colourful lot!

My Teammates

My Teammates and other colleagues

Will try again next year but before that I think we need to practice!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Renovation: Week 1

Last week have been a very busy week, especially Hubby. Started the renovation work on our house this week and attended 2 functions on Sunday itself.

Following some photos on the progress of our house renovation.

Wall between kitchen - bathroom - bedroom : Demolished

See the floor without tiles, that's the original bath area of the washroom. While the other row of dis-tile floor is the original wall dividing the kitchen - bath area and room. We will have our dining table and  an island here.

All 3 bathrooms at 1st floor - tiles were removed so that better water proofing can be done to avoid leaking in the future.

Above: all the toilet bowls and wash basin from the toilets seating in my living room.

 We relocate the window at Room 2 and 3. So we will have another feet in the room.

 All this ugly piping will be conceal within plaster ceiling.

We are expecting some electrical work to be done this week.. If, we are lucky the piping from the toilet will be replace by the developer so that we can continue with our renovation without much delay.

Although we have decided to accept whatever defect by fixing it ourself, this piping thing is too much a work and will have costs us a bomb to fix it. Hence, we are asking the developer to fix it. But they are taking their own sweet time to come :(

HP Mini

I promise you that I'm going to show you the HP mini I won and I am so sorry to keep you waiting. Here are some pictures of the Mini, comparing it with the size of The STAR newspaper and our Astro remote controller. The screen is only 10 inch and hence it is kind of small. Have to really get use to it. Other than that the performance is acceptable and just like any other laptop/desktop.


I was telling hubby that now I need a camera to complete my blogging necessity!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Silicone Bra

Have you used one of this?

I just got myself a pair and will be wearing it with a top I bought. The top have got a very deep V at the back and normal bra will not be suitable. I have tried several other alternatives at the La S outlet but don't like the design.

This pair that I bought can be worn with or without the transparent strap provided. Meaning this pair can be worn just like a normal half-cup bra or with the halter neck strap. That is one of the reason I will buy this. Plus its also not expensive only RM49.90.

This is the adhesive side

 This is the outer cup


Will try and let you know whether its comfortable.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We are going to start renovating our new house.

Hubby is so fed-up with the repair that the developer is suppose to complete and decided to start renovation without the rectification of the defects. The developer seems to be taking ages to rectify since we submitted our list of defects 2 weeks ago. Some houseowner actually complaint that after 2 months and the defects are not rectify! Well, maybe because we are not paying for the defects so the developer and/or their sub-con is taking their own sweet time to rectify. If we give 2 months and paid them to do it, I think they can build us another house!

We will like to start our renovation this month but have not decided which contractor to use. If money is not a concern, we could have just choose any contractor. But money is a concern and will like to sticks to our estimated budget. Nevertheless, I'm very excited about this whole renovation process because I'm going to have my kitchen complete with an ISLAND!!!!!

I have dreamt of such kitchen ever since we bought our current house. But due to space constraint, no island in the current kitchen :( Now space is available and hubby offered to custom made an ISLAND for our kitchen. Will definetly post some photos when the reno is done.

In addition, we will have an attic in the house too. Yes, an ATTIC! The family area in the second floor has got a very high ceiling with windows and after seeing one of the neighbour's house with  a newly built attic... hhhmmmm... hubby just can't resist the idea. He said its going to be his hiding place.. hide from Angel! Angel will have a hard time looking for daddy when playing hide and seek  ;)

I just hope that as we renovate, hubby will not have some more ideas which will cause our reno costs to balloon! Now, whenever he suggested something, I will always ask him the purpose. If he can't answer, the idea will be scrapped! I wanna stick to our other plans - travelling plans so must control our funds.

Monday, November 2, 2009


How do you discipline your kids?

My parents used cane to discipline me and my brothers, less on my baby brother. I still remember one day when i was around 5 or 6 years old, I was caned by my father cause i refuse to leave my grandma's house as I was enjoying myself playing with my cousins. My dad have to drag me to the car and when at home drag me out of the car and started to caned me. The caning leave some very noticebale mark, lucky its no longer visible after a few days. And, ever since I'm absolutely scared of my dad.

I read through a lots of reading (especially Western) about disciplining your kids and these professionals advice against caning or any form of beating. I will actually like that idea cause I do not want to hurt my baby like how my parents did.

I tried putting Angel facing the wall and after 2 attempts, she is well aware that it is a form of punishment. She will cry/scream whenever I mentioned 'go face the wall'. I refuse to use cane but still unable to control myself, sometimes I do hit Angel with my pair of hands. Regretting after that :(

She is only 2. Is it too young for us to punish her?

The other day, Angel was playing with the Astro remote control and accidentally press on the 'Guide' button and the blue screen appear. We asked her who did that, she replied "Pa pa". Hubby refuse to let her getaway with this (lying) and insist that she tell us the truth. Angel refuse and keep repeating "pa pa". Hubby carry to aside and Angel started crying very loudly. Hubby in his attempt to control Angel and himself, asked Angel to say sorry. This girl is so stubborn. She pleaded with her daddy but still REFUSE to say sorry!

I gotta say I'm surprise that Hubby did not lose his temper nor hit Angel. Instead, he tried to reason with her. But Angel just refuse to admit and say sorry :( I'm just wondering - if she is so stubborn now at 2, what will she be like when she is older?