Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 is coming to an end.

Tomorrow will be the last day of Year 2010. 
Somehow 2010 had gone by so quickly and to me it was a good year.

We moved in to our new house which we love so much and really glad that we made this buy , although it means more debt :( This year hopefully we could do more to maintain the house and start planning for my princess' room. The first year anniversary of the house will be celebrated with a new fittings for my dearest hubby's collection.

Although not much travelling done in 2010 but enjoy every trip to the fullest. Managed to travel with my girl friends to Taipei, Taiwan in May. We have some fantastic time together and looking forward to our trip in 2011. The best travelling trip will be the trip to Singapore with hubby and Angel. Its actually our first 'overseas' trip - i mean just the 3 of us. Its also Angel first plane right, and she is pestering daddy and mummy for another plane ride. And, of course this mummy will make her wish come true cause we will be flying to Langkawi next year (and hopefully another trip after that)!

The only unfulfill wish is to travel with my parents which I will accomplished next year with the trip to Langkawi. All of us and i mean my parents, brothers, SIL, nephew, hubby and Angel will travel together. Yippie, it will also be my nephew first plane right at about 14mths old then.

At work, my boss have been successful in keeping me busy with all the projects and learn a lot. I believe she is going to do the same in 2011. Just hope that 2011, the company will do better and reward us accordingly.

No new year resolution but there are so much that I'm looking forward to - my 'honeymoon' in Mar/Apr, family trip to Langkawi, potential Europe tour and China trip for my parents. Yes, its all travelling plan cause that's where all the money goes to instead of a new car. And, I'm more than happy to do that :)

So, hope you have a great 2010 and a bountiful 2011 waiting for you.
Happy New Year

Friday, December 3, 2010

First Baking for Angel's party @ school

Before the school holidays, Angel and her friends have a party at their school. I bake some cupcakes for her to share with her friends ;)

Angel tasting the cupcakes.. "Mummy, very good" :)

Some sugar print to decorate the cupcakes

Angel's class photo - sitted second from right, with her funny face LOL

Weekend with Angel

Weekend is no longer a rest day and its always too short for us. We spend lots of time at home during weekend to bond and relax. Sometimes I cook, which i wish i could do more. Last weekend, Angel requested fried rice and so here are some pictures of her having the fried rice from mummy ;)

I say, "Show me your teeth" and this is what I get LOL

Fried rice with prawn

She is trying to finish the rice so that she can have one of the chocolate from my annual dinner.

Annual Dinner 2010

Our company dinner was held on Nov 26 at KL Hilton.. again. But this year we have a smaller crowd, so we were at the Sentral Ballroom instead of the Grand Ballroom. Some pictures from the day.

Registration and getting instruction from our Corporate Secretary .. LOL

Sit-in as assistant at the reception table..

Add caption

Door gift - a box of customised chocolate - very good ;p

Jeanne Lee, performer of that day. She won the bronze award for best new-comer the next day.

The ladies that I'm working with :)

and a candid picture

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Sleepless night :(

I guess this is not a new subject for all parents out there. From the day we become parents, we have to wake up between our ZZzzzz. Some for the first few months while others may be few years.

I am fortunate that during Angel's first 2 years, she sleeps with her grandma. But Angel was a..... difficult baby from young. She will wake up and cry non-stop for 1-2 hours for consecutive nights. That's when MIL will start praying at the altar and then go to temple. Things improve when she turn one year old and stop waking up for milk.

Recently, Angel starts to wake us up middle of the night. Usually she will make a few noise or cry and then seems to be angry with something. Just like when she wanted something and not given in the day. This have been happening for the past month. Really don't know what is going on with her. I asked mom but she say she is fine during the day. Even the teacher says Angel is chirpy in class, no signs of unhappiness.

For the past one week, she only sleep through one night. That's when she is so tired caused she did not have her afternoon nap on Saturday. Monday night, i consider her to sleep through with occasional cough after taking her medicine.

So, what could be wrong?

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Deepavali

This Friday is a public holidays, we are celebrating the Festival of Lights aka Deepavali.

As usual, my employer have something for all its staffs during festive seasons. This time its biscuits from The Loaf, yup the bakery of our former PM.

I take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy Deepavali and Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Just Us

in our doraemon t-shirt ;)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mooncake Festival is just around the corner or ...

the result of procrastinating... :(

Its the 8th month of the lunar calendar which means the mooncake festivale is just around the corner. And, we are much closer to the end of the year 2010 or the year of tiger.

Last year, I started to bake mooncake and since we are at home for the raya holidays, i took this opportunity to make some snow skin mooncake. I tried a new recipe with some modification and love how it turn out. Here are some pictures of my mooncake ;)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

Its the first day of Raya Aidil Fitri. I just wanna wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holidays.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Baby .. Throwing Tantrum

Part One

I'm driving Angel back from mom house yesterday night. We reach a traffic lights and we stopped. Angel say turn left and used the side road to skip the traffic light (that's what hubby did before when there is a massive jam). I refused and told her that we need to stop just awhile. And, she start showing me her dissatisfaction - kicking her legs at the car seat, making sound like a roaring lion! 
At first I try to explain, and then I ignored her until she started making those irritating sound to show her dissatisfaction! She drive me to my limit and I started raising my voice. I said I will stop the car and she will walk her way back home. She kept quiet a moment but continue with her tantrum when I stopped nagging her.

When we reached home, hubby noted that I look angry. Asked me why. I told him and started to carry Angel from the car. My angry little princess still not happy, showing her dissatisfaction to her daddy. I ignore her and went to take my bath.

Part Two

After my bath, cooled down. Went downstairs, hubby having dinner and saw Angel sleeping on the sofa. Guess she must be tired. Hubby suggested carrying her to her bed and we did just that. But she started crying once hubby carry her and want to go downstairs. Continue crying when she is on her bed. Try to sweet talk with her, still continue crying. Asked her what she wants, still cry. My blood start boiling again. Told her a thousand times (maybe not that many but ...) and she still cries and not answer my questions.

Give her a choice whether to keep quiet and answer my question or I will carry her down as she 'shouted' for. She refused. I can't stand her crying anymore and carry her with her crying louder!

Part Three

Angel continue crying while my blood is boiling inside and thinking what should I do with her. How do you make a 3 years old listen to you in that kind of situation? I thought of my niece, who are just as stubborn - don't listen and not afraid of canning. Is my Angel going to be just like that? I'm got worried.

I took the cane, not wanting to used it. Start talking/nagging at my Angel. Make her stop crying by suggesting she go out of the house if she don't stop. She started to cool down. I started talking. She seems to understand and got 'sad' when i describe how stubborn and naughty she was. How she make mommy mad and angry. I continue talking and as I talk I cool down. Angel start yawning (guess nagging does have the same effect on any age). I suggested she goes to sleep and she obeyed.

Part Four

When she on bed, Angel started crying and want to hug me. I think she understand that I am angry because she is naughty. I hug her, start to tell her to be a good girl so mommy won't get angry, wont' scold her and won't caned her. She cry and hug me more tightly.

........... Angel have been showing her temper very frequent, usually after her nap or when she is tired. So, most of the time I give-in and try to accommodate her. Hubby always say I pampered her, am I? I usually don't canned her but I do shout at her. I think I shouldn't because some experts say that kids will imitate us and re-act the same way. Is that why Angel is throwing tantrum? Haii.... what should I do? Scold her or not? Cane her or not? Hubby still joked and say "wait till she go dating!"

Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday

Tomorrow, 31st August, is Malaysia's independence day. It is also my hubby's big day. Yup, my dear husband is a merdeka baby and he always brag that the whole nation is celebrating his birthday! Very perasan.

Hubby don't like party and usually will be very happy to just spend his birthday with a few of his best pals. Today we will be having dinner together again with his pals.

to my dear husband
This picture was taken last year on our way to celebrate hubby's birthday.
Time really flies.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Taipei 2010

My annual trip with my friends. This year we went to Taipei in May 2010. Yes, I know its been so long ago. I went through the pictures and miss the trip. We did not manage to cover all the touristy place but we did have fun.

Here are some of the photos ....

First Day .... First Destination... Taipei 101

Day Two .... Hot Spring.. a almost one hour bus ride from Taipei
taken outside the hot spring

the weather here is quite cooling cause its at a hill and surrounded by forest
I don't dare to post pictures taken in the hot spring. we are all dressed in our two piece swim wear ;)

ordering some snacks at the famous Shihlin night market
this is actually more like those food court and not sidewalk stalls.
the place is so crowded, food wise - ok, nothing to shout for

we stop-by a Hello Kitty theme cafe...
their cakes are just soooo cute..

Day Three .... Shopping

Day Four ... more shopping...
even took a photo at one of the shop we bought shoes from
the salesgirl said we look like sisters

More shopping .... accessories
we spent close to 2 hours at this shop!

Somewhere near Taipei 101...

All the accessories that we bought!!
We have named this trip the blink blink trip cause of all the accessories we bought... kakaka

So anticipating our next trip, next year ;)

Friday, August 6, 2010

Going to school ...3

Some updates on Angel going to school.

Looks like Angel's sad mode is over. She is now excited to go to school :) Just today, mom told me that Angel changed and keep asking whether its time to go to school! Yes, she is that excited to go to school.

Hope this mood will continue :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Going to school ...2

I didn't thought there will be a part 2 to this but there is now. Angel is crying since last week when told that its time to go to school.

The funny thing is she will happily change to her uniform but when told its time to leave the house, she started crying. I have been asking her since last week, why but she just keep quiet. Oh dear...

Last week (during my medical leave) I went to the school and asked the teacher. The teacher noticed that Angel is not quite happy last week. Angel will not go into the class room until being persuaded by her teacher. What could happen?

Today she is crying again. Mom asked her why, she say kids at school beat him. But the teacher did not say anything about other kids beating her, could the teacher hiding something from us?

Or, could it be the baby at home? My mom started looking after my nephew 2 weeks ago, so could Angel felt left out with the baby around. Everyone attention is at the baby and so she is unhappy? There is so many maybe and I don't know how to get her talking to me.

Why is my baby unhappy?
This is making me unhappy too.. and the person sleeping next to me is getting the heat :(

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Going to school

Angel have been going to school since March 2010. I sign her up for the 2 days a week class at a montessori near my mom place. Why only 2 days and not whole week? When I suggested sending Angel to school, my parents and hubby are not very supportive. They are of the view that she is too young to go to school. In fact for her age, the curriculum include mostly play then study. During her 3 hours session, she sings song, listens to story and most of the time she plays games. Do you think its too hectic for a 3 years old?

During her first two weeks, Angel cried when dad or mom send her to school. She have been happy telling us her activities at school but when it comes to going to school, she will start to have a sad face.

But recently, mom said Angel enjoy going to school and look forward to her school day. She will get down from the car with the help of a teacher and walk straight to the door for her little gift from teacher - a stamp on her fore-hand ;-) I'm so glad that she enjoy school and did not regret sending her.

But the other day, she came back from school and told mom that her back ache. Angel asked mom to put ointment at her back and must do it right-away. Mom asked her to wait till after her bath but she insist that it hurt very much and must put the ointment right away! Then mom saw that there is 2 little mark on Angel's back right at the backbone. When mom asked Angel, she say a boy beat her.

When we went to fetch Angel that night and saw the mark, we got a bit worry. We keep asking her who, how and where it happened? We asked whether she told the teacher, why she didn't tell the teacher etc... In my mind, I feel like calling the teacher right away and asked her what happen. I could sense hubby is also kind of angry that someone bullied his princess ;(

During our ride back home from mom's place, I keep asking Angel question about the incident.Then I found out that she might not be telling the truth. When we first asked her, she said its a boy who heat her. Then when we asked some more, she said its a girl. Oh gosh.. and finally when we asked further, she said she fell down by herself when she was playing at the playground. She can even describe how she fell and from her look, I know this is the truth.

This incident enlighten me that I have to teach Angel how to protect herself and how helpless she could be without us around her. I know I sound over-protective but can't bear to hear it if she is bullied by other kids.

So, how do you teach a kid to protect herself??

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Baby after all..

I have always thought Angel prefer her grandma and cousins over me. But yesterday's incident tells me that she still want ME!

We were at MIL's house for lunch and SIL and her kids were there too. As usual, Angel will be very happy to be there playing with her cousins. We were there for a few hours and then we decided to go do some groceries shopping. Angel don't want to follow us (me and hubby). She says she want to stay at grandma house. I'm so sad to hear that thinking my girl prefer to stay with grandma. I unwillingly give-in and told Angel that we will pick her in the evening.

Evening came and I drove to MIL house to pick Angel. SIL have left with her kids. When my Angel came to the door, I can sense that she is unhappy. She is not her usual talking self. Then the moment she reach the door step, she jump and hug me. Her eyes started to turn red, my poor baby. She didn't cry at that moment.

Once we were in my car, she started crying and came over my seat to hug me... my eye sight also become blurred. I asked Angel whether she is afraid that I'm not coming back for her. She nodded and cry even louder. My heart ache and in the same time glad that she is still my girl and I still have a place in her heart.

I love you my Angel and I will never want to leave you out of my sight, if I can help it.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Year 2010 1st Trip - Penang

Our very first trip for the year 2010, is to Penang. Departed from my house at around 6am. Went looking for breakfast around Balakong and ended up with dim sum. Nothing fantastic and so no pictures ;) We left for Penang around 7am and was caught in the morning traffic (its a working day).

After the Sg Buloh toll and after Angel asked for her water, I realised that I left her bottle at the shop we had breakfast. How forgetful I am and I blame it on hubby hihihi... of course after he say I'm such a clumsy and forgetful mother. Hhmm..

Our first stop at Penang is an old Guan Yin temple, which the ever superstitious K said is very leng (Cantonese for accurate in predictions). Angel just woke up from her sleep and so look very unhappy in the photo below taken outside the temple.

The front view of the temple - it is a very old temple mainly because the surrounding area is not taken care of. There are beggars sitting at the sidewalks, all expecting you give them money. I saw an old lady giving out angpows to one of them and the others will come running asking for one too.

After some walking around, Angel is back to her ever-energetic-self. I bought some joss stick , lighted them and given to her. She will look at the adults and do what they did. She will say 'poh pi poh pi' (Hokkien for take care) which she learn from her grandmothers :)

Next, we head towards Kek Lok Si for the assam laksa and of course to visit the temple.

The uncles and aunties busying preparing the assam laksa for customers.....

After the assam laksa treat, we proceed to Kek Lok Si temple. Instead of walking up the stairs, the lazy me suggested that we drive to the temple. We over-shot and reach a hilltop near to the dam - the Air Itam Dam.

Our position is actually behind the Kek Lok Si temple, see the Guan Yin statue is on the right while the pagoda on the left and we have a view of Penang. An unexpected find.
Some pictures at the Kek Lok Si temple

After a hot afternoon at the temple, we proceed to the famous cendol stall at Lebuh Keng Kwee. The queue was long and since the weather is hot, we decided to find a place at the shop next to the stall. We ordered cendol which costs extra 50cents and also fried kway teow.

See how narrow the shop is, we have to squeeze ourselves in the seat.

and our cendol.. yum yum. We even came back the next day to have another bowl just before we leave Penang.

We then proceed to check-in to the Gurney Hotel and change to our swimsuit right away to deep ourselves in the spacious swimming pool. They have a very spacious children pool which Angel love very much. I even tried the slide with Angel ;) cause she is scared - at first.

Dinner was at the Gurney Drive.. didn't manage to indulge in more food cause it started to rain after our second round.

So sorry I don't have time for more pictures cause I'm updating this from office and I got to rush before my boss notices ;) Will try to post more but without internet at home, I can only do so whenever my boss is not looking in the office.