Friday, September 25, 2009

Faces of Angel

Look at me my Little Nyonya...


Mommy, don't wan la! Shy, shy.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pooh and Piglet Snowskin Mooncake

Baked some more snowskin mooncakes during the raya holidays. This time I used the just-arrived mould from NST - the Pooh and Piglet mould which I purchased purposely for this.

The mould is so easy to use - much easier than those conventional wooden mould and cuter too ;)

I used the Piglet mould for red bean paste filling and Pooh mould for lotus paste filling. That's why you see the 'black' Piglet as picture below.

I gave some to mom for her distribution and also a box to my SIL.

And, pack some of the mooncake and shared with my colleagues in the office yesterday. Coincidentally, my boss called us to his room for a mooncake session - I don't have to go round to distribute the mooncake.

What do you think? Aren't they cute? I love them.

I will like to thank Veronica of NST for such speedy delivery.

Our New Home

We have got ourself a new house. The financier finally paid the developer and the loan process is finally over. We will be a few thousand poorer from next month onwards and for the next 20 years!

We first saw the house in June 2009 and sought of love at first sight. We contemplated and view a few samples house of different design. When we decided, we found out that the houses are selling like hot-cakes. A few unit that we set our eyes on are all sold.

We go round the area again and short-listed two units. You know what, its SOLD too. But the staff is kind enough (cause we have went to inquire almost every weekend) and offered to check whether there are any purchases cancelled due to failure in loan application. And, voila! She found not one but two unit.

We rush to the site and saw the two units on Saturday and on Sunday morning we went to the developer office to pay our deposit!

That all happen within a few weeks and we finally going to get our house key this weekend. Heard other housebuyers that there are many defects - one even have water leakages problem. Hopefully ours are with minimal defects - don't think there will be zero defect.

Angel @ KLIA

We sent MIL to the airport last Friday nite. She is traveling with her sisters to Italy (and a few other countries). We were there early cause MIL is so worried that we could got stuck in a traffic jam as it was two days to Hari Raya. But the traffic was smooth and took us less than an hour to reach the airport.

We were at the airport for almost 2 hours plus and Angel become restless. She started running around and climbed on the trolley with MIL's luggage. (sorry for the poor photo quality as I'm using my handphone)

Her naughty look when she noticed that I'm snapping photo.

After a few snap, she refuse to look at me .. hai luckily for the digital world!

Mommy .... enough la... 

Then, I requested a photo with Ronald McDonald and she ended up posing for me ..........

First picture...

2nd picture... Mommy, like this ok?

Mommy, one more?!

And, she wanna pose with the TALL Ronald!
Haiyo, my Angel... cannot see you la.

Po po po po, buy me big big doll, ok??

Time flies, MIL is touching down tomorrow at 10pm.
Another trip to the airport.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

3 more days......

to Hari Raya and 4 days of holiday :)

As usual my employer will give-away festive goodies to all staff. This year we receive a weaved basket filled with goodies. The weaved basket look elegant.

I got this basket - the bamboo is in its original colour

Ta da ..

the goodies inside the basket is wrapped in a piece of wrapping paper.
The first box is a chocolate chip with almond cookies.
The second box is a pineapple tart.

Here I will like to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri and happy holidays.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Faces of Angel

Angel excited about something....

Angel getting bored at the adult talking.....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Blogging from Mobile - Testing, Testing, Testing

This is what happen on my first mobile blogging attempt. The picture is not rotated correctly and now I don't know how to rotate it.. maybe should copy the picture and post again huh? Or is there any other way to do it?

If you know how, please leave your comment.

And, thanks in advance ;)


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Dinner at Ulu Yam

The day after I bought my parents to Bagan Hailam, hubby's friends, hubby, Angel and I went to Ulu Yam to have dinner. This is a consolation to our cancelled trip to celebrate K and hubby's birthday - all no thanks to the widespread Influenza AH1N1!

We, all 6 adults + 1 kid, went in C's new Exora. And this is one very affordable and spacious MPV. At last Proton did something right. Its so fun to be able to travel in a group in one vehicle, its merrier. Angel is having fun in the car with aunties and uncles. She keep surprising us with her 'tricks' and make all of us laugh. My baby :)

On our way to Ulu Yam, we passed by this beautiful lake and decided to stop and manage to take some photos. I think we can actually swim in the lake cause later I saw washroom nearby the area we stopped our car.

Fantastic view

We are not sure which restaurant to go to and just stop at the restaurant with most patrons. This shop is at the mainroad of Ulu Yam. I didn't get a photo of the shop and also forget the name.. sorry :( I'm also too busy eating and forget all about taking photos of the food! But we love the food and its much better than those we had at Bagan Hailam.

Angel having fun while we attack the food!

A plate filled with fried chilli crab - HABIS!!!

A plate of crab shell, empty bowls of coconut prawn and loh mee.

Everything FINISH!!

We ordered coconut prawn (tomyam prawn), chilli crab, house specialty steam fish, fried vege and the famous Ulu Yam's loh mee. The meal costs us RM156, cheap right?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Traditional Mooncake: 1st Trial

This year I have the urge to make my own mooncake. I have made some snowskin mooncake and am liking it. Last weekend I tried baking some traditional mooncake based on recipe from Lily of Lily's Wai Sek Hong.

The process is quite tedious as I started with making my own golden syrup as per Lily's recipe. Then a mixture for the dough need to be rest for an hour before mixing with the flour. The dough as per picture below will then be left to rest for 30minutes before it can be used.

The mooncake ready for their 1st bake/broil until brown. After which it needs to be cooled for 10-15 minutes before applying the egg wash and continue for 2nd bake.

The finished product.........




ta da... my 1st batch of mooncake looks UGLY!!!!!

and I used the Mickey Mouse cutter for some of the dough but then the portion is too small... the Mickey's ears looks like cutted-off!!! Hubby said very creative but gotta try harder!

Mom and dad say the taste is ok but gotta improve on the look. And I promise myself I will.

My second batch look better and is still in the container. As advised by some blogger, baked mooncake taste better 2-3 days after it is baked. So I will wait till tomorrow before I taste my second batch. Will keep you posted ;)

Ondeh-ondeh: My comfort food on a Sunday afternoon

Last Sunday hubby was out meeting some soon-to-be neighbours while I spend the whole afternoon with Angel at home. We share a red bean pau for breakfast with a cup of spirulina cereal drinks. Put some cloths in the washing machine and prepared our lunch - chicken porridge. After putting Angel to her nap, I can't resist the temptation to make myself some kuih as I have not yet visited any pasar ramadhan.

I drove the car out while hubby and Angel are sleeping, just to get some freshly grated coconut to complete my kuih in mind - ondeh-ondeh. Its a kuih made from glutinous rice flour filled with palm sugar/gula melaka. I used a bowl of flour and make some 26 pieces of ondeh-ondeh for myself. Hubby does not like sweet stuff and glutinous is not suitable for kids, so I have all the ondeh-ondeh with a cup of coffee. MMmmmmm...

Clockwise from top: A packet of glutinous rice flour, two uncooked ondeh-ondeh, some cutted dough, a piece of palm sugar on dough (unwrapped) and pieces of palm sugar.

Angel looking at my unfinished task and though mummy is playing Play-doh!!!

My plate of hot ondeh-ondeh coated with fresh grated coconut!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Bagan Hailam Restaurant

My brother suggested to have dinner at Bagan Hailam, somewhere in Klang, last Saturday. Did some research on the net and found a few bloggers recommended this restaurant - Bagan Hailam Restaurant (BHR).

Tried calling a number stated on one of the blogs. The man who pick-up mentioned that he WAS the chef at BHR but now a chef at SK Seafood Restaurant just beside BHR. So, me not knowing whether to believe him or not, booked a table for 7 adults.

On the day, after a long journey from my brother's house in Puchong to Klang (Northport) we arrived at Bagan Hailam. There are a number of seafood restaurants but we decided to follow the bloggers' advice and look for BHR. Once there, we saw SK just next to BHR. The place look like Pulau Ketam but not as smelly.

I will let the pictures tell you the story from here...

A man came back with his catch. Can't see what??

There is a yatch club or something nearby

The place is surrounded by house like above.

The sky getting dark. A nice view my Angel, with my dad, don't wanna miss!

1st dish what else but mee hailam! Almost all the tables order this.
Taste... so so only

Stir fried mix vege Hailam style.
This is something.. :)

House specialty - fried tofu with sweet and sour sauce
Nothing special :(

Fried Bamboo clams with dried chili
Taste ... ok ok

Fried prawn mantis
Not very good :(

House specialty - Steam prawn
Not as nice as recommended.

BBQ Crab
Not bad.

The sky is almost dark when we finish

Happy Angel with daddy

The Kitchen of BHR - a few ladies instead of man

I guess we went with a high expectation and get disappointed with the food. Its not as good as described.