Friday, September 10, 2010

Selamat Hari Raya

Its the first day of Raya Aidil Fitri. I just wanna wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Holidays.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

My Baby .. Throwing Tantrum

Part One

I'm driving Angel back from mom house yesterday night. We reach a traffic lights and we stopped. Angel say turn left and used the side road to skip the traffic light (that's what hubby did before when there is a massive jam). I refused and told her that we need to stop just awhile. And, she start showing me her dissatisfaction - kicking her legs at the car seat, making sound like a roaring lion! 
At first I try to explain, and then I ignored her until she started making those irritating sound to show her dissatisfaction! She drive me to my limit and I started raising my voice. I said I will stop the car and she will walk her way back home. She kept quiet a moment but continue with her tantrum when I stopped nagging her.

When we reached home, hubby noted that I look angry. Asked me why. I told him and started to carry Angel from the car. My angry little princess still not happy, showing her dissatisfaction to her daddy. I ignore her and went to take my bath.

Part Two

After my bath, cooled down. Went downstairs, hubby having dinner and saw Angel sleeping on the sofa. Guess she must be tired. Hubby suggested carrying her to her bed and we did just that. But she started crying once hubby carry her and want to go downstairs. Continue crying when she is on her bed. Try to sweet talk with her, still continue crying. Asked her what she wants, still cry. My blood start boiling again. Told her a thousand times (maybe not that many but ...) and she still cries and not answer my questions.

Give her a choice whether to keep quiet and answer my question or I will carry her down as she 'shouted' for. She refused. I can't stand her crying anymore and carry her with her crying louder!

Part Three

Angel continue crying while my blood is boiling inside and thinking what should I do with her. How do you make a 3 years old listen to you in that kind of situation? I thought of my niece, who are just as stubborn - don't listen and not afraid of canning. Is my Angel going to be just like that? I'm got worried.

I took the cane, not wanting to used it. Start talking/nagging at my Angel. Make her stop crying by suggesting she go out of the house if she don't stop. She started to cool down. I started talking. She seems to understand and got 'sad' when i describe how stubborn and naughty she was. How she make mommy mad and angry. I continue talking and as I talk I cool down. Angel start yawning (guess nagging does have the same effect on any age). I suggested she goes to sleep and she obeyed.

Part Four

When she on bed, Angel started crying and want to hug me. I think she understand that I am angry because she is naughty. I hug her, start to tell her to be a good girl so mommy won't get angry, wont' scold her and won't caned her. She cry and hug me more tightly.

........... Angel have been showing her temper very frequent, usually after her nap or when she is tired. So, most of the time I give-in and try to accommodate her. Hubby always say I pampered her, am I? I usually don't canned her but I do shout at her. I think I shouldn't because some experts say that kids will imitate us and re-act the same way. Is that why Angel is throwing tantrum? Haii.... what should I do? Scold her or not? Cane her or not? Hubby still joked and say "wait till she go dating!"