Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 is coming to an end.

Tomorrow will be the last day of Year 2010. 
Somehow 2010 had gone by so quickly and to me it was a good year.

We moved in to our new house which we love so much and really glad that we made this buy , although it means more debt :( This year hopefully we could do more to maintain the house and start planning for my princess' room. The first year anniversary of the house will be celebrated with a new fittings for my dearest hubby's collection.

Although not much travelling done in 2010 but enjoy every trip to the fullest. Managed to travel with my girl friends to Taipei, Taiwan in May. We have some fantastic time together and looking forward to our trip in 2011. The best travelling trip will be the trip to Singapore with hubby and Angel. Its actually our first 'overseas' trip - i mean just the 3 of us. Its also Angel first plane right, and she is pestering daddy and mummy for another plane ride. And, of course this mummy will make her wish come true cause we will be flying to Langkawi next year (and hopefully another trip after that)!

The only unfulfill wish is to travel with my parents which I will accomplished next year with the trip to Langkawi. All of us and i mean my parents, brothers, SIL, nephew, hubby and Angel will travel together. Yippie, it will also be my nephew first plane right at about 14mths old then.

At work, my boss have been successful in keeping me busy with all the projects and learn a lot. I believe she is going to do the same in 2011. Just hope that 2011, the company will do better and reward us accordingly.

No new year resolution but there are so much that I'm looking forward to - my 'honeymoon' in Mar/Apr, family trip to Langkawi, potential Europe tour and China trip for my parents. Yes, its all travelling plan cause that's where all the money goes to instead of a new car. And, I'm more than happy to do that :)

So, hope you have a great 2010 and a bountiful 2011 waiting for you.
Happy New Year

Friday, December 3, 2010

First Baking for Angel's party @ school

Before the school holidays, Angel and her friends have a party at their school. I bake some cupcakes for her to share with her friends ;)

Angel tasting the cupcakes.. "Mummy, very good" :)

Some sugar print to decorate the cupcakes

Angel's class photo - sitted second from right, with her funny face LOL

Weekend with Angel

Weekend is no longer a rest day and its always too short for us. We spend lots of time at home during weekend to bond and relax. Sometimes I cook, which i wish i could do more. Last weekend, Angel requested fried rice and so here are some pictures of her having the fried rice from mummy ;)

I say, "Show me your teeth" and this is what I get LOL

Fried rice with prawn

She is trying to finish the rice so that she can have one of the chocolate from my annual dinner.

Annual Dinner 2010

Our company dinner was held on Nov 26 at KL Hilton.. again. But this year we have a smaller crowd, so we were at the Sentral Ballroom instead of the Grand Ballroom. Some pictures from the day.

Registration and getting instruction from our Corporate Secretary .. LOL

Sit-in as assistant at the reception table..

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Door gift - a box of customised chocolate - very good ;p

Jeanne Lee, performer of that day. She won the bronze award for best new-comer the next day.

The ladies that I'm working with :)

and a candid picture