Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Too Busy or too lazy?

Have been abandoning this site for awhile - 3 months!

CNY came and gone :(

In February, celebrated Angel's birthday at her school with her friends. But her best friend was not around and the teacher said she look a little unhappy without him. Yes, its a boy. Will post photos later.

And now, its almost the end of March and the long awaited holidays is just around the corner, yippie.

Actually, not so happy because hubby and I were supposed to travel to Tokyo, Japan. But with the earth quake, tsunami and nuclear situation, we have to cancelled our trip :( In addition, we would not be able to visit Japan for maybe the next 5 - 10years? I pray for the people in Japan, to keep them safe from the nuclear radiation.

We got our refund from AA and Hubby suggested a visit to HK/Macau. Of course I say "YES"! We are going to pay HK Disneyland a visit. Will update the post after the trip and hopefully not 3 months after ;P