Monday, January 19, 2009

CNY Cookies

CNY is just around the corner, 6 more days to be exact.

I was just telling my friends how this CNY is so a rush. It feel like we just celebrated x'mas then the arrival of year 2009. and now the CNY! phew...

Have been doing cloth shopping from Nov/Dec 2008 during the sales season, so no last minute shopping for cloth in case there is no more cheap cloth. well, have to spend smartly since the economy is not in its best condition.

The recipe as follows is extracted from the Nestle Cornflakes' box.


(A) 200gm plain flour

(A) 1tbsp cocoa powder

2cups Nestle Honey Gold cereal finely ground (I used the normal cornflakes)

100gm white cooking chocolate, chopped (I used dark chocolate cause i can't find white choco)

100gm raisins

100gm chopped walnut

250gm butter or magarine

100gm caster sugar

1 1/2 cup Cornflakes coarsely crushed

2tsp coffee mix with 2tsp water.


1) Sift together ingredients A, stir in Honey Gold cereal, chopped chocolate, raisins and chopped walnut; set aside

2) Cream butter, sugar and coffee mixture until fluffy. Fold in the flour mixture and mix well until soft dough forms.

3) Drop teasponnful of mixture into crushed cornflakes and roll until well coated.

4) Place on lightly greased baking trays, allow room for spreading.

5) Bake in preheated 180'C oven for 12-15 minutes or until lightly brown. Remove from oven and let it stand for 20 minutes.

ok by sharing this here i won't have to keep the box of the cornflakes, hahaha.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

1st Day of 2009 - Part 2

After our heavy lunch and snack we continue our journey home from our new year eve stay in Morib. Using the old trunk road, we pass by a few dragon fruit farm. We decided to have some fruits to complete our food pyramid!

this is the flower which would turn into the fruit.

look how big those fruits are? Its red flesh dargon fruit or some call it pitaya.

Lookup the link for more info on the fruit.

We have a few of the fruit, some banana and papaya at the stall before we left the place. It started to rain and I did not manage to take any picture of the stall and the fruits.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The 1st Day of 2009 - Part 1

I usher the Year 2009 in Morib with a bunch of my hubby's friend. And on the first day of year 2009, we spend the whole day together too. On our way back we pass by Tanjung Sepat to have lunch. FYI, we have 2 lunches, yes 2 lunches! and also some snacks in between the lunches!

We have seafood bah kut teh, the famous Hainanese pau and also seafood (again!). Our original plan is to have seafood but stumble upon the bah kut teh shop which is packed with customers. We ordered a claypot of seafood bah kut teh, vege and some pork ribs. Sorry no pictures, me a lousy blogger!

But I do have some pictures on the Hainanese pau, our snack. It seems that this pau is very famous and even the infamous 'Ah Sien' of Astro eatery programme have been here to interview the tauke! I like their red bean pau. The paste is so smooth and full of red bean. I even tapau some back for my princess.

The freshly keaded pau steaming in the steamer...

These are my sau sun for my princess and the coming CNY...

After the pau, we went to the restaurant for seafood. The place is also packed, so we stroll around a shop near the shop selling dried seafood - fish maw, anchovies and also CNY cookies.

my hubby and best pal

After about 20minutes we got to the restaurant and started to order our dishes, only to be told that they are out of crabs!!!! what the... we were waiting to eat our crabs and now told no more crabs. Tired of waiting, we didn't bother to change venue and so just order whatever available and so the followings are the dishes we had.

the prawn and tofu gang

the prawn.. yummy

the tofu gang on my plate of rice

the chuk tan

our green

and the scary looking fish.

after about 20 minutes.....

yup it took us less than half an hour to finish all the dishes but we waited like an hour...

after the meal, all of us have a slow walk down this long narrow bridge out to the sea..

and that does not end our journey. stay tuned to our next stop at the dragon fruit farm along the way back from tg sepat to KL

Please stop the war!!!

I was on my way to the office this morning and traffic is bad. I almost reach the office building and was stopped due to traffic light. I look to my right and saw the newspaper display on the sidewalk. Frontpage is a distraught father with the bodies of his sons, 3 sons. Then the traffic move.

In the office, the picture just won't leave my mind. I got my purse and went to get the papers. Read the papers and just can't stop thinking how can anyone initiate a war and kill those innocence people especially children. Maybe because I'm a mother myself, I'm choked with emotion when I see those image of parents loosing their child.

Politicians, countrymen or whoever that have the power, please do something to stop this 'invasion' before more innocence people, children, die.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Awaiting the Arrival of Year 2009

Happy New Year!! Hope everyone have a great time celebrating the arrival of Year 2009, cause I did!

We (me, hubby and gang) countdown to 2009 at Morib beach. A destination that is without high rise building, club, disco and countdown concert or stageshow. Yes, a peaceful place to celebrate the arrival of 2009. I guess we are getting old and those 'noisy' places are just not for us.

31 Dec 2008
We meet-up at 2pm and suppose to go straight to the nearby JJ to get food for the BBQ session. But as usual one waited for another and we only got to JJ at about 4pm. Went straight in to the supermarket to get the marinated chicken. But we were shocked to find NO chicken wing.

On further enquiry, a nice lady went and check and came back with a big packet of chicken wings. And I can't tell you how relief we were, although it is not marinated. So, next speed off to get the Heinz BBQ sauce and the rest of the foods - fish ball, sausage, bread, tuna, junk food, drinks, sauces etc.

Then I did something EXTREMELY outrageous... I wash the chicken wings in the ladies toilet! Yes, I'm not kidding. The supermarket refuse to wash it for me so I have no choice but to wash it in the toilet. Just pour in the water into the plastic bag with chicken wing and rinse it a few times. When we get to the car we just pour the BBQ sauce into the bag of chicken wings, let it marinade till the BBQ time.

We only left Cheras at about 530pm.... and we reach our hotel at about 630pm. We stayed at Impian Morib a new establishment just some 5 minutes ride from the Morib beach. Check-in and to our surprise the room, which is furnish with one double and one single bed, is comfortable and spacious. (I'm such a lousy blogger that I forget to take any pictures of the room) The cost RM180 per room, ok ok.

Our room is just beside the pool which is big for such a small resort. Everyone have a dip in the pool before we leave for the beach. The resort doesn't have a beach and do not provide BBQ spot. So, off we go to the public Morib beach at about 7pm.

Reach the beach found our BBQ spot and start the fire! As some of us are getting hungry, the guys start the fire and the ladies (only 2 of us) make sandwiches. We did not bring any BBQ pit and have to look for stones to build our very own BBQ pit. The guys manage to get it done in no time, of course not without any complaint as some are hungry after the swim.

We have some sandwiches while waiting for the chicken wing to cook and all are so serious in BBQing. Spend some time eating, drinking and chit chatting and then wishing each other a happy new year 2009.

It is just a simple get-together. Wish I could bring along my Angel :(