Thursday, July 16, 2009


In the words of Margaret Thatcher,

if you want something said, ask a man;
if you want something done, ask a woman,”

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pulau Pangkor, Weekend Getaway!

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm celebrating my birthday in Pulau Pangkor with my hubby, Angel, K and W. We were there for a night stay at Coral Beach Resort's 3 rooms apartment. Another couple was suppose to join us but couldn't make it at the end. Actually we were in the islamd for 24hours only as K and W need to rush back to their shop.

Our accommodation and half day tour were arranged by a friend of W's mother, we called Uncle Lim. Uncle Lim is a owner of a restaurant where we had our seafood lunch and dinner. During this short trip we met with 3 very friendly uncles - Uncle Lee (our tour guide and chauffuer during our half day tour), Uncle Poh (our Captain during our island hopping on his speedboat) and of course Uncle Lim (our 'Event Organiser' cum chef).

Below some pictures to describe the rest of the trip.
The gang minus hubby

Lumut jetty, waiting to board the boat

Its Angel's first ride on a boat, she is so excited!

1st stop at the plot where the Dutch sign a memorandum with the Malaya government.

2nd stop at a temple with the miniature Great Wall of China.
Angel is very energetic, running up the hill before us!

3rd stop another temple at the beach side. The beach here is so clear and beautiful.

After our lunch at Uncle Lim's shop, we went island hopping on Uncle Poh's speed boat. Angel is a bit scared during the 1st part of the ride. There is big wave and salt water splashes on her face. Whenever the boat start jumping, she will cover her face with her little hand. So cute :)

After awhile she got used to the jumpy ride. When we reach the snorkeling site, she is excited to see all the fishes. She enjoy feeding the fish with bread.

After snorkeling, Uncle Poh let us rest on a little island. This island is accessible by land during low tide especially during the 1st lunar month. Angel enjoy her 1st beach-play on this little island.

The 3 of us digging on the beach.

We partly bury K and Angel got excited and we bury her legs next....

Mommy, see my leg coming out from the sand

Grill Crab... very yummylicious

Steam fish - the fish is very fresh and sweet

The end of our dinner! Habis sapu

The swimming pool view from the unit we are staying.

The new to-be-open Pangkor jetty

Some of the fishermen's boat along the jetty

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Birthday Celebration with Friends

Mango cake from Secret Recipe

A simple birthday celebration with friends/ex-colleagues at Cheras' Kaki Corner. Enjoy myself very much spending time with this bunch of young ladies. Yes, I'm the oldest in the group :(

Here are some food we had that night.


Mixed Grill

Mushroom Sauce Grilled Chicken - mine order; its a bit too salty

Black Pepper Sauce Grilled Chicken

Baked Cheese Rice - not very good :(

Tom Yam Chicken

Sizzling Chicken with Black Pepper sauce

Thanks to all the lovely ladies in the picture for an enjoyable celebration!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm getting older today!

4th of July is the US independence day and also my birthday.

No big celebration. Just have dinner with my parents, sibling and of course my hubby and lil' Angel. Hubby and gang suggested karaoke and we bring along lil' Angel. Its her first time to a karaoke. She enjoy it very much, holding on to a mic and singing .. or should i say shouting :) and dancing around the room with hubby and gang.

My special celebration will come next Friday when we will be travelling to Pangkor. So looking forward to the trip. Will update here, so stay tune.