Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Hubby's Fav - Pan Mee

This got to be my hubby no 1 favorite dish - pan mee! And i have since brush-up my skill of cooking this dish for him on almost every 1st Saturday of the month.

You must wondering why 1st Saturday of the month. well, i don't need to cook on weekdays and probably don't have the time to cook. So, I made my hubby a pledge that I will cook him a meal every 1st Saturday. He just have to order and i have to cook. His promise is he will finish whatever i cook, no matter how terrible it taste!

So far I have cook him a few other dishes such as chicken rice ala loh mai kai style, spiral spaghetti with tomato sauce, porridge, Hainanese chicken rice and some simple vege with rice. But his favorite and my best dish is still this infamous pan mee.

I think the most important part of this dish is the soup base. The soup will determine whether a bowl of pan mee is yummy! i have experience a few type of ingredient for the soup - chicken, anchovies and pork. I still like the soup base with pork bones, dai tou choy and kei zi. I cook the soup for more than 2 hours and the flavour is just yummy (even without any added seasoning ie salt or ajinomoto).

Hubby like his pan mee as simple as possible. Hence, the other ingredients in my pan mee include mushroom, fish ball, fried ikan bilis and fried onion. Not forgetting hubby's must have soya sauce with cili padi!

For the dough I prepare it slightly different. After letting the dough to rest for at least 2 hours, i will make into small balls and soak it in cold water. After soaking in the water, I will flatten the ball using my fingers and drop it into a pot of boiling water. When flattenning the ball of dough, you can make it as thin as possible or to your liking. When the dough is cooked it will float, drain it and serve with hot soup and the other ingredients. The bowl of pan mee is served!

My hubby is so proud of my pan mee that he even invite his friends to have lunch at our house when I'm cooking this fav dish of his. My next 'project' is yin yong (Cantonese fried noodles)!

X'mas 2008

Merry X'mas and Happy New Year..

I'm all smile and happy :)

I was grumbling about my hubby giving silence treatment on the 23rd but I'm all happy and delighted on the 24th. The reason, hihihi.... look at the picture below.... my x'mas present from my hubby!!! Remember I was complainng that he came back late the other day.. well apparently he went to get the gift and hence was late for dinner. He was furious that I complaint when in fact he went to get the gift!!!
well, we don't really celebrate x'mas and so present is not a must. but having it just make my day.. and for the record this is the first time he buy me perfume! i like the smell which is a combination of apple and ... 2 other types of fruits. (can't remember too excited when hubby is explaining to me).

The other reason I'm so happy is we went to have our x'mas eve dinner as planned with hubby's best pal. Dinners are so expensive ... at least rm80++ per person. We wanted to go to Shangri-La KL but it was fully booked!!! yes, and we thought economy is no good. We ended up at Putrajaya Shangri-La (thought the food will be the same).
We were there at about 8pm and to our surprise the restaurant is quite empty, only 5 tables are filled with not more than 20 persons. When I call to make reservation, I was told that they are expecting 70 guests. We even got to choose where to sit! The ambience of the place is quiet and some what too classy. We (especially when my hubby with his best pal around) are a bunch of noisy people, so the place make us timid..
The food? Is not as what we expected. We have been to Shangri-la KL buffet dinner, so the spread here is ... hhhmmmm not even half of what we get in KL. However, I like their dessert spread. Although not very fancy, they have my favorite bread pudding. Below are some of the main course (turkey of course) and some cakes we have. Didn't got to take more pictures as the waitress is looking.

After dinner we went for a karaoke session. We were join by my hubby's other friend. And we sang our lungs out till 2am. And that is how I celebrated my X'mas in 2008. Hope you have an enjoyable X'mas as I have.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

In this 5 short months...

I have been with my current job for 5 months now. And in this 5 months a lot of activities have been going on. I have not updated all that happen around my worklife very much, except the family day at Cyberview Lodge Resort. Since I have not been doing any serious bento-ing and cooking, I will write about the activities I participated with my fellows co-workers.

One of the more exciting activities is the bowling tournament that we have last month. We form a team of 5 persons and mind you my team consists of all ladies and is the only all-ladies group which competed with the rest of the teams. We name our team ........ BOWLING FIGHTER ... hihihihi...We dressed ourself in orange t-shirt and we are the most co-ordinated team. Don't we look great, hahahaha...!!

We were so semangat and with the intention to win, 3 of them even ask their husband to play on behalf of them (as permitted by the rules and regulation of course). Well, we have the spirit but apparently not the skills! hihihihi... we ended up 'pau mei' (last) !!!!

But yours truly, me... scored the 2nd highest among the ladies player. I scored 115 in the second game! Based on my fellow teammates, I'm suppose to be the top lady player if not for the winner's teammate who rolled the ball on behalf of her on a few occasions.

well... its ok for not winning. the whole purpose of the tournament is for us to know our co-workers better. and most importantly all of us have fun. even our CEO who won the top scorer! way to go.

Monday, December 22, 2008

..... does it have to be done this way??

althought i have left my previous employer for 5 months now, i still keep in touch very closely with my ex-colleagues. they are one bunch of fun-to-be with people that wanna enjoy their life to the fullest.

recently, i got news from them that one of them will be transfer to another unit by their supervisor (JT) without consulting whether the person agree. i know JT too and we use to talk about everything. she is a very wise and hardworking lady. i does admire JT for her work, but not what she did now.

i mean, if i am 'East Wind' (the person being transfer) i won't be happy too. if you wanna transfer me, you should at least talk to me. does all bosses treat their staff like a piece of item which can be move/push around?!

i'm speechless when told that JT did just that! this is so cold blooded.. i know this does not involve someone being killed but.. i just feel sad that this have to happen! and it happen in such a way! more heart broken is that just days after that i heard another news that JT is going to transfer another one of the bunch! what is this?! what happen to my friend?

p/s .... 'East Wind' hold on there, we will support you. let us know when you need to loosen out and we will go sing our lung out again!!