Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bangkok, Thailand - The Land of Smile.

I have always wanted to spend my parents to an overseas trip and this year my brother and I did that. Both of us spend our parents and baby brother (Actually, he is no longer a baby :) he is 18 this year) a trip to Bangkok. I love Bangkok because its cheap to travel around the city, the food is good and shopping!!

We stay in Grand Tower Inn at Rama VI using the RCI privilege from our timeshare plan. The hotel is decent but the location is a bit far from all the attraction. However, it is near to the Chatuchak Weekend market which is one of our stop for this trip.

We departed from LCCT at 11:15am and arrived at Suvarnahbumi International Airport at 1:15pm. It was a long walk from the arrival gate to the immigration and when we reach the counters, the queuing area is pack with tourist! We waited for almost an hour to get pass the immigration. At that point, I really can't imagine the time when the whole airport is close down because of the protest againts Mr Thaksin.

The highlight of our trip will be the ladyboy show at Calypso Theatre, Asia Hotel that we watch on our first night there. The whole show is about 2hours and it costs THB1000 per person. It is a very entertaining show. It is suppose to be a 'decent' show until .... My hubby and I was shocked when all of the ladyboy went topless in one of the finale of their act! I think my eyes almost dropped. Its actually nothing but not when I assure my parents that its decent for my baby brother to watch. You know what I mean? Below are some of the photos taken before, during and after the show.

some photos before the show begins..

some of the performance by ladyboy..

You will be wondering what about Chatuchak market? Well, we were there on our first afternoon which is a Saturday. We only manage to look around 25% of the place. And I will say if I'm with my chi mui we could spend the whole day there. But with my baby brother, he keep grumbling about the stuffiness and humidity of the place. So, we just spend about 3-4 hours around the market. Bought some souvenir, cloths and also kitchenware!

around Chatuchak Weekend market

around the Grand Palace and the Jade Buddha Temple

Will need to post the other pictures in a later blog.. stay tune!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Princess is 2!

Time really flies, especially so when looking at my princess. She is 2 this year! Whoa, I can't believe that I have been a mother for that long. I still remember the day my hubby rush me to the hospital two years ago. I was bleeding very badly and the whole toilet look like a murder scene. I was due in another 3 weeks but I guess this kind of thing is not predictable.

When I reach the hospital, the midwife can hardly hear the baby heart beat and immediately rush me to the operation room. After the c-section, my gynae told my hubby that I have this medical condition call placenta abruptio. This happens when the placenta detaches from the mother's body, hence baby will not be getting oxygen from the mom. That is why the heart beat is vague. Because of the condition, our plan to keep the stemcell have to be cancel because the cord is detached and blood (stemcell) is no longer usable/extractable.

My princess was in the NICU for 8 days and I can only feed her on my 3rd day. On the fourth day I was able to breast feed her. I really thank my hubby for he have gone through the worst and I can't help. And, maybe so, he is very reluctant to have second child. It is just too traumatised for him to go through what he had.

Oh my god... this is suppose to be a happy post about my princess but I... well just like to remind myself of what my hubby have done for both of us.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Trip to Melaka

Almost the end of CNY and a long weekend. Hubby suggested to make a trip down to Melaka, because his buddy is going :( So of we go to one of the World Heritage site - Melaka.

Nothing special about the trip, but it was my first Melaka trip which bring me to Jonker Walk's 'pasar malam'. Well, it's not really 'malam' yet but most of the stall open early that day maybe due to the holiday.

The CNY decoration at the start of Jonker Walk.

Nothing out of the ordinary along the street. Actually most of things sold here can be found in KL. So not much picture from this trip.

Saw this lady writing chinese character with her 'hand'.

And, hubby is so excited when he saw this stall which sells ice-cream potong (not sure whether this is the correct name, those syrup in a long plastic bag??). Both of us enjoy it very much and it does bring back memories of our childhood.

Guess who else enjoy the ice-cream??? Who else but my Princess....

Look she is showing off the ice-cream .....

Mommy, you want some :) ?

See, she is holding both the ice-cream and tasting one after the other.

Its a short trip but we enjoy ourself.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

CNY 2009

Today its the 13th day of CNY, yes it is almost the end of the celebration. It came and it is going soon.

Everyone I see in the office ask how I spend my CNY holiday cause I only started work on the 2nd Feb. Actually I did not do much except for visiting family and friends, a good opportunity to do so when everyone is free at the same day.

As usual on the first day, we (my husband and in-laws) will visit my husband's paternal grandmother. I think she is almost 80+ years old and lately she have been feeling unwell. The relationship between my husband (and his siblings) with the grandma is not as close and we usually only visit her during CNY.

my princess is so naughty, she sits away when we wanted to shoot her with her great-grandma :)

Hubby thought this is a precious piece. Me too.