Thursday, April 23, 2009


Have you ever feel that you have disappointed another person who really care / dearest to you because you can't meet their expectations? I have and I hate the feeling.

How do you maintain the relationship with that person when s/he openly commented that you have not meet her expectation? That same person too will say its ok and s/he have to just accommodate with whoever you are, when you know that the future will not be the same anymore for both of you.

I know it is too general for anyone to advise me based on the above. And, I don't intend to receive any advise from this. I just wanna think aloud, to brainstorm myself and what I should be doing for the relationship.

Maybe I too have expectation of the person. By having expectation and voicing it out caused the person to feel intimidated (like myself now). Hence, that person commented on me not meeting her/his expectation.

I wish the saying that everything will be alright after a drink is true. Then I might actually get myself drunk (which required only A drink) and we can start all over again.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Spaghetti Grill @ MidValley Boulevard

Here's another eatery that I have tried since working at this new office. The Spaghetti Grill! Actually, this is not the first time here. We are here again for farewell of our colleague whom is leaving us for a better opportunity elsewhere. The standard and quality of the food varies from the first time I was there, about one week ago. The food are more delicious and presentable the first time.

Here are some picture for you to judge yourself.

Above: Dinner salad with soup (below)

Below the Hawaiian pizza

Lastly, Spaghetti Oglio which is basically like a vegetarian spaghetti. no meat at all!

Althought the standard varies, but they do serve some value for money set lunch with free flow of soft drinks.

Friday, April 3, 2009


Nope, i'm not talking about handphone cause I'm technology-challenged. Just ask my hubby and he will tell you how ignorant I am about technology available today.

The reason for this post is because I'm so thankful to a person. If not for him, I could have lost my handphone and be scolded by my hubby. I don't know his name but he actually reminded me about the handphone I left on the dining table in Food Garden, Gardens.

I was having lunch with my colleague and we are so engrossed in our talking. We were about 5 five steps away from the table that we were sitted. Then someone call upon us, "Ah Moi, handphone!". I turn and was speechless cause I nearly left my handphone there. I can't stop thanking him!

So there are good man around after all :)