Monday, July 26, 2010

Going to school ...2

I didn't thought there will be a part 2 to this but there is now. Angel is crying since last week when told that its time to go to school.

The funny thing is she will happily change to her uniform but when told its time to leave the house, she started crying. I have been asking her since last week, why but she just keep quiet. Oh dear...

Last week (during my medical leave) I went to the school and asked the teacher. The teacher noticed that Angel is not quite happy last week. Angel will not go into the class room until being persuaded by her teacher. What could happen?

Today she is crying again. Mom asked her why, she say kids at school beat him. But the teacher did not say anything about other kids beating her, could the teacher hiding something from us?

Or, could it be the baby at home? My mom started looking after my nephew 2 weeks ago, so could Angel felt left out with the baby around. Everyone attention is at the baby and so she is unhappy? There is so many maybe and I don't know how to get her talking to me.

Why is my baby unhappy?
This is making me unhappy too.. and the person sleeping next to me is getting the heat :(

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Going to school

Angel have been going to school since March 2010. I sign her up for the 2 days a week class at a montessori near my mom place. Why only 2 days and not whole week? When I suggested sending Angel to school, my parents and hubby are not very supportive. They are of the view that she is too young to go to school. In fact for her age, the curriculum include mostly play then study. During her 3 hours session, she sings song, listens to story and most of the time she plays games. Do you think its too hectic for a 3 years old?

During her first two weeks, Angel cried when dad or mom send her to school. She have been happy telling us her activities at school but when it comes to going to school, she will start to have a sad face.

But recently, mom said Angel enjoy going to school and look forward to her school day. She will get down from the car with the help of a teacher and walk straight to the door for her little gift from teacher - a stamp on her fore-hand ;-) I'm so glad that she enjoy school and did not regret sending her.

But the other day, she came back from school and told mom that her back ache. Angel asked mom to put ointment at her back and must do it right-away. Mom asked her to wait till after her bath but she insist that it hurt very much and must put the ointment right away! Then mom saw that there is 2 little mark on Angel's back right at the backbone. When mom asked Angel, she say a boy beat her.

When we went to fetch Angel that night and saw the mark, we got a bit worry. We keep asking her who, how and where it happened? We asked whether she told the teacher, why she didn't tell the teacher etc... In my mind, I feel like calling the teacher right away and asked her what happen. I could sense hubby is also kind of angry that someone bullied his princess ;(

During our ride back home from mom's place, I keep asking Angel question about the incident.Then I found out that she might not be telling the truth. When we first asked her, she said its a boy who heat her. Then when we asked some more, she said its a girl. Oh gosh.. and finally when we asked further, she said she fell down by herself when she was playing at the playground. She can even describe how she fell and from her look, I know this is the truth.

This incident enlighten me that I have to teach Angel how to protect herself and how helpless she could be without us around her. I know I sound over-protective but can't bear to hear it if she is bullied by other kids.

So, how do you teach a kid to protect herself??

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Baby after all..

I have always thought Angel prefer her grandma and cousins over me. But yesterday's incident tells me that she still want ME!

We were at MIL's house for lunch and SIL and her kids were there too. As usual, Angel will be very happy to be there playing with her cousins. We were there for a few hours and then we decided to go do some groceries shopping. Angel don't want to follow us (me and hubby). She says she want to stay at grandma house. I'm so sad to hear that thinking my girl prefer to stay with grandma. I unwillingly give-in and told Angel that we will pick her in the evening.

Evening came and I drove to MIL house to pick Angel. SIL have left with her kids. When my Angel came to the door, I can sense that she is unhappy. She is not her usual talking self. Then the moment she reach the door step, she jump and hug me. Her eyes started to turn red, my poor baby. She didn't cry at that moment.

Once we were in my car, she started crying and came over my seat to hug me... my eye sight also become blurred. I asked Angel whether she is afraid that I'm not coming back for her. She nodded and cry even louder. My heart ache and in the same time glad that she is still my girl and I still have a place in her heart.

I love you my Angel and I will never want to leave you out of my sight, if I can help it.