Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bangkok.. again

Went to Bangkok from 14-17 Dec, yes I know its more than a week and I only have time to write about it.

This time I went with my secondary schoolmates and since its a bunch of girls, its shopping, shopping and more shopping! Enjoy ourselves to the fullest and it is a very leisurely trip - no super early wake-up calls and rushing from A to B.

We stayed at Centre Point Silom which is next to the Saphan Taksin BTS station and also the Chao Phraya river boat terminal. This is a very convenient locationfor sight-seeing and also shopping. If you take BTS, its only THB30 to Siam Square/Siam Paragon/MBK and THB40 to Chatuchak Park/JJ Weekend Market. This is by far the most convenient hotel I have stayed in BKK.

The hotel is also connected to Robinson. Robinson's maindoor is facing the mainroad while the hotel is actually behind Robinson but in the same building (hope you understand what I'm trying to say). Next to Robinson is KFC and a 24-hours McDonalds.

This is our room which is spacious, clean and comfortable.

... our toilet

I like the room and the type of facility provided. We have a washing machine in the room!  WiFi is also free! We were told buy our friend's colleague that this is a hotel tailored for long-stay tourist, hence it is fully equip with cooking utensils.

My roommate during the trip.

All of us

Me at the poolside

This is us after 2 hours of shopping in the Naraya outlet at Central World.

Look at our luggage! Its going to burst!

My harvest from BKK!

It was so much fun travelling with this bunch of friends. We are looking forward to our trip in year 2010 which starts tomorrow! ;)

Happy New Year.

Angel and her dolls

I have been exposing Angel to various type of soft-toys - teddy bears, little dolls etc. These two are my favorite. They are Angel's favorite too.

I'm not a fan of Doraemon but when I saw these dolls (which i bought on 2 separate occasions from Bangkok) I just love it. I bought Sizuka first as I wanna introduce girl to Angel. Then I introduce Nobita as a friend to Sizuka.

Angel sleep with both the dolls. She will not sleep if she do not see them both! In the morning she will ask me to carry one of the doll to downstairs, saying she can't carry both but look she got no problem carrying both here.

Now it sort of worries me cause she talk to the dolls when we are not watching. Perhaps, she is too lonely.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Renovation: Week 5 & 6

I am being lazy again by combining this 'progress report' into one entry. Actually I have been busy the past two weeks - holiday in Bangkok with friends and help my MIL to move to her house.

But the truth is in this past two weeks the only work done is the tiling work, so not much that I can write about and pictures are really good to tell the story. Tiling is such a tedious work and it took 3 strong man and almost 2 weeks to complete the kitchen, dining, backyard, 4 bathrooms and other minor area.

I'm trying to load some pictures but can't seems to do it. So, photos will be up later.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Faces of Angel

This is Angel in her crying mode!

We went to inspect the house on Saturday and the workers are working and it was dusty and noisy, so we were talking to the contractor outside the house. Angel was happily walking up and down the corridor. 

I, as usual, will be shouting, like a mad women, at her for running while she just ignore me. And, when I stopped shouting, she start crying! She fell down on the cement pavement while running. Come to think of it, Angel never really fell down with such injury on her knees.

I also have not took any picture of her crying. She is so angry that I take a picture of her crying, she cry even louder!

Renovation: Week 4

So, its alsmost a month now since we started our renovation. Glad that no more suprises and hope we can complete the whole renovation by month end (keeping my fingers cross).

Here are some of the progress in week 4...

Below the kitchen top where the hob is going to sit on.

Here is a full view of the hob counter which is beside my 'dry' kitchen.
The empty window panel will be replace with a beautiful glass carving!

All the toilets are now equipped with a vanity top.
I like this idea so that we don't need to install any rack for our toiletries. 

The major work completed is the installation of the plaster ceiling for the whole house.
Below is the result of the living room.

Come this week we expect the tiling work of the 4 toilets and kitchen to be completed. After which most of the mainwork is completed. We will start the paint work and call our carpentry work contractor. The grille will need to be installed before the lighting, fans and aircond. Not forgetting to reinforce the roof.

If everything is as per schedule then we will be moving in by January 2010. New year, new house!