Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hanoi, Vietnam

I have been doing some very interesting and exciting travelling with my hubby in this past 2 years. One of them is this trip to Hanoi, Vietnam with my hubby best buddy and his wife.

My first impression of Hanoi? On our way from the airport to the hotel, Hanoi look like a small little village (although it suppose to be one of the major city in Vietnam). The road is narrow and full of dirt. At both sides of the road is paddy fields and wooden houses, with motorbikes zooming besides our taxi. Not forgetting the bicycle and tricycle which not only carry women, men and children but also goods such as pig, goat, vegetable and so on...

We were unlucky as the hotel we book through AirAsia is closed for renovation and the 'management' offered us an alternative. Well, we don't really like the alternative (I don't have photos to show you but the alternative room is small, stuffy and no windows!) and so the 'management' recommended us a few other hotel. We chosen our hotel and to my dismay, we have to top-up another USD10 for a night!!! Oh, I forget to say that we are so bad luck that the whole of Hanoi's electricity supply is cut-off that afternoon and we are shown the 'dark' side of Hanoi! (Maybe that is also why the alternative room look so dark and stuffy)

Despite the unlucky encounter, we enjoy ourselves during our stay in Hanoi. We enjoy the food! I regret not taking picture of the food we had, if I did I don't need to write much and just show you the picture!

The centre of Hanoi is the Hoàn Kiếm Lake its beautiful. See the night view of the Tortoise Tower in the centre of Hoàn Kiếm Lake. We also visited the Ho Chi Minh Maosoleum (the grey building) but we can't go in to see Ho Chi Minh cause the building is under its once a year cleaning period. Another unlucky day :(
We spend one night in Hanoi town and the 2nd day we travel to Halong Bay. The journey took us 4 hours ride by road. We spend a night on this red boat. The amenities in the room is complete just like an other hotel room. Of course not the luxury type lah!

Hanoi is also a heaven for shoppers especially if one is looking for handicraft. Well, I'm so sorry I don't have any pictures to show you the varsities of goods you can find in Hanoi town. You can also get yourself a pair of traditional Vietnam costume in 24 hours! Well, I got myself a ready-made one. I also bought a pair of sandals, chess set made or marble, doll, and the list goes on.

Oh, I forget to describe my experience of crossing a road in Hanoi and also my trishaw experience. I'm not very good in describing the experience, but may I say adventurous! There are so many motorbikes on the road and they particularly don't stop for pedestrian except when the traffic light is red! (So sorry.. I can't upload the video to show you the adventurous encounter)

Overall, I enjoy the trip and I wish I could visit Hanoi again soon.... What do you think Honey?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I mentioned in my previous post that my company will be organizing family day. And this is the post of the outing.

This is also the first outing/trip for the three of us (minus PIL and others). I am so looking forward this trip. Unfortunately, I can't enjoy the dinner organize by the company because we have to attend my hubby's best buddy wedding. So the pictures taken are mainly of the room on our arrival and the next morning.

This is our room which is VERY spacious for just the three of us. A big bed at the other end of the room where the door to the balcony is situated. There is a LCD tv in front of the bed which is cool. Angel is enjoying herself running around the room, that's her being naughty!

Angel woke up at 630am and refuse to go back to sleep. So, I have to bring her out and we have breakfast. Honey is still sleeping, he is not a morning person so let him continue sleeping while we stroll to the breakfast cafe. The breakfast is ok with the usual local breakfast - nasi lemak, fried meehoon and porridge, and cereal, breads and juices. I consider the spread as good with both local and also traditional American breakfast.

After breakfast, Angel and I (yes, daddy is still sleeping) went to the pool to get wet! See Angel is enjoying herself! She look so cute in the swimsuit.

So, that's our threesome. A simple day in a quite relaxing resort somewhere near home. I wish we could do this more often, just the three of us.

My Birthday

I am blessed to have great friends during my working life in HL. I think without them my life in the office will be so dull and unbearable. This year maybe the last time I'm celebrating my birthday with them, as I have left the company and some may not keep in touch).

So, I thought I should remind myself of my dear friends here.

The picture in the middle from left to right:
Standing: Jason, Bee Hoon, Jasmine, Emilyn (Almari), Hester (Hamster), Fong Leng and Fong Fook Yih.
Sitted: Fong Yee, Pui Kien, the birthday girl, Jenny Lee and Isaac.

Thanks to all of them for the wonderful celebration. I have never felt so touch. Maybe because I know I might not see some of them for some time. I will cherish this event and this blog will always remind me of my dear friends.
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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bento #2: For My Honey

My second bento attempt is not for me but for my Honey. Yes my hubby. He will be travelling long distance and knowing him, won’t stop for lunch. Hence, prepare this simple sandwich bento for him to bring along. I didn’t prepare one for myself cause I have lunch appointment with my friends. There goes my plan to lose weight :)

This sandwich is made of wholemeal bread, chicken ham, egg and some greens which include lettuce and zuchini. I added some mayonaise and chili sauce for flavour.

In case, Honey got no time to have a bite and hungry before his lunch, I have steam some edamame for his snack. I do not own any of those useful silicon cap, so make-up a ‘cup’ from aluminium foil. Am I creative or what! J I also cut some guava for him.

The result, Honey finish everything except some of the bread. He is really not a bread person. So happy that he did finish almost everything. Actually whenever I cook or prepare food for him, he will finish it no matter how bad it taste. That's my Honey, my number 1 fans! Love you.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Bento #1

After reading through all the blogs on bento, especially one by my schoolmate SueSue of CookingMomster, I have take up the challenge to create m very own bento! Thanks SueSue for being my inspiration and also encourages me in creating my very own blog for myself and my Angel.
After reading and looking at those blog on bento, I have wanted to get a cute bento box. But I thought I'm just a beginner, I will use whatever existing boxes available. And I found this 2 tier bento box which is very suitable for my lunch bento. It also come with a pair of chopstick and a spoon. I included a small spoon complimentary from Baskin Robbins! Yup is the spoon used for testing Baskin Robbins ice-cream.

Well, this will do for the time being until I can find myself a kawaii bento boxes!

The above is my lunch bento! My reason for bentoing is to lose weight. I hope to control my meal by having a more balance meal. So, this is my bento.

.......... chicken sausages, edamame, bread with Nutella, Kiwi fruit and green salad with mayonaise.

I try to follow the rule of preparing bento - balance between protein, carb, fruit/vege. But I think I have too much vege. I did not manage to finish the salad!

As time permit, I also prepare a bento for my Angel. This box is actually a complimentary box from Ajinomoto (one of my SIL is working at Ajinomoto). It come with the 3 removable compartment which is very useful in dividing the food.

...... kiwi and a seedless dried prune, bread with Nutella, 2 slices of chicken sausage (from my bento), Yakult yogurt drink.

And, so my first bento preparation resulted in 2 bento - 1 for myself and 1 for myAngel.

So, what do you think? Will I pass the bento test?


For the first time, I lose my temper and patient and shouted at my 21 months old, Angel. right after that a tear dropped from my eye!

I was not working yesterday to help my brother with his 'bed arranging' ceremony. My 2-years-younger brother is getting married this Saturday. I brought along my Angel to my brother's house with my parents.

We were busy packing and decorating at the dining table. Angel is climbing up and down of the chair. I have been asking her to stop and offered her biscuits so that she will sit down next to me. She as usual refuses to listen and climb up the chair next to my other younger brother (I have 2 younger brother). Angel was on the chair and try to reach for something on the table nearer to me. She almost slip! At that moment, I just lose control and shouted at her!

When I say shout I really meant I shouted and the whole house is echoing with my voice. I think I'm also worried hence at that moment I cried. While Angel, she tau dap dap (head down) and dare not look at me. When she look up at me, I show her my angry face and she look down again.
This is also the first time, she is actually scared of me.

Angel is my parents in-law only grandchild by their surname and they pampered her a lot, and I mean A LOT. We are not to scold or hit her , so Angel is so pampered and will always get things her way. I think this baby of mine will be a spoilt brat. How? What can I do to teach her the right way?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Peanut filled Glutinous Rice Ball

We recently relocated the toilet door near our kitchen. The reno start on Wed and it is done on Fri. The whole kitchen is in a mess with all the cement and dust all over the cupboard, windows, floor and ohhhh.....

So, I spend the whole Sat morning cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. ;(

While cleaning, found some raw peanut which have been sitting in the cupboard for some time and decided to make myself some glutinous rice ball (tong yuen) filled with peanut.

Use about 1/2 cup of peanut. This is the peanut after i fry and blend it. The colour is a bit dark cause I left it without stirring it for awhile and its somewhat burnt! The peanut is almost done when it is crunchy when you bite it. Test one by biting after letting it cold.

I blend this with a electric blender. Blend till the peanut is slightly creamy so that its easy to mould the peanut into a ball. I left it a bit chunky as I like the crunchy texture of the peanut.

The glutinous rice dough and peanut. I have mould the peanut to balls, so that its easier to fill it in the dough like the picture below.

I got about 20 balls from 1 bowl of glutinous flour mix with slightly warm water. I estimated the amount of water. If the dough is too dry (crack when form into balls) then more water can be added. If the dough is too soft then add a bit more flour. Dough which is too soft tense to get smoochy after boil. If you like to chew then I suggest you make it not too soft.

Since this is not planned, I have a simple syrup. Boil about 3 cups of water and sugar, to taste. When the sugar dissolved, add the balls into the syrup. You can tell that the balls are done when it float to the surface of the syrup.

And, my bowl of tong yuen is done with more peanut sprinkle over! How satisfying after a hard day cleaning the kitchen.

p/s: For the syrup, you can use palm sugar and/or add 2 slices of young ginger for more fragrant.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Bundle of Joy

My unimate delivered a baby girl yesterday at 955 am.

Congratulations Janice and CFat!!

I'm so happy for them and excited to see their baby. Guess I will have to wait till next year, when they are back from UK. Their eldest daughter Emilie now have a baby sister to play with.

Baby is just so cute. No doubt they will change your lifestyle 100% and fill-up your time but they sure cheer you up with their naughtiness and innocence.

I wish I could have another baby myself :(
tell you more next time

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My 1st Blog Post!

Welcome to you and also to me!

Welcome myself to this whole new world of blogging. Encouraged by the many blogging mommies that I may or may not know. I will also like to share my experience as a mother, wife, daughter and not forgetting a employee/colleagues, roles which I find hard to juggle.

Welcome to you and thanks to you for showing interest in my life.

To fellow bloggers, thanks for sharing your life with me. You make my life feel richer.